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Research and Stories through a Gendered Lens

Name: Pia Rowe
Job Title: Research Fellow
University / Research Institute: 50/50 by 2030 Foundation, University of Canberra

In 100 words or less….

  1. Tell us what you are researching and why it matters to you?
  1. What has been your biggest, most frustrating challenge to date?

Convincing some of my colleagues that cooking groups for mothers can have a political dimension; that they are a legitimate area of study; and that we ignore them at our peril! I did get there in the end, but it involved a lot of banging my head against the wall along the way. I find that there are still a lot of underlying assumptions regarding what counts as political, and these assumptions are often based on rather dated, masculine notions and ideas.

  1. Share the dream! What impact do you hope your research will have down the track?

As per our Foundation’s name – I do hope that my research will help us move towards gender equality. It is a big dream, and no one can do this alone, but we can all do out bit and collaborate with one another to make us stronger. On a more personal level, I hope that by doing feminist research I can live the values I believe in, and show that academia doesn’t have to be a ‘winner takes it all’ blood sport.

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