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Women will not be silenced again

Women will not be silenced again

The Minister for Families and Social Services, Anne Ruston, is right. There is “a rot in society”. But Scott Morrison is wrong. Anointing a “prime minister for women”, even as a joke, and creating a “taskforce” of female ministers, will not “shake up what needs...

BroadTalk with Janine Hendry

BroadTalk with Janine Hendry

How does a woman, single-handedly, start a social movement in 2 weeks that brings over 100,000 people onto the streets to rally? And has Australia’s March4Justice unleashed a public roar against gender inequity that will echo around the globe? BroadTalk with Janine...

Gender responsive legislation: Equal Opportunity Act

Gender responsive legislation: Equal Opportunity Act

Can good law reduce the gender gap, or does it need to go hand in hand with awareness-raising around the law's core intent and purpose? In Part 2 of this series on Australia's gender responsive legislation Ramona Vijeyarasa...


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