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Taking advisory boards on board

Taking advisory boards on board

Early last month, a report was quietly slipped onto the website of the Office for Women. There were, it appears, no news reports. It attracted little social media attention: the single Tweet from the OfW announcing its release attracted six likes and two retweets. The...

Reclaiming the ordinary as an act of feminist resistance

Reclaiming the ordinary as an act of feminist resistance

I was recently invited to give a keynote address on unleashing the power of women. My horror, when I agreed, was almost instant. Not because of my trusty old friend Crippling Imposter Syndrome but because I’m not uniquely qualified here. Yes, I have technical and...

Alexa and Siri? Why not Alan and Sam?

Alexa and Siri? Why not Alan and Sam?

In the The Jetsons, the 1960s Hanna-Barbera cartoon series set in the future, Rosie the robot did the chores that nobody else cared to do – cleaning and cooking, scratching George Jetson on the back, and shooting basketball hoops with young Elroy. Funnily enough, the...

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It’s a wrap: 13 November

Manterruption is what happens when a female politician is asked a question but the PM has something more important to say.

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