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Research and Stories through a Gendered Lens

Writing for BroadAgenda

Thanks for your interest in writing for BroadAgenda. BroadAgenda is the media arm of the 50/50 by 2030 Foundation at the University of Canberra. We publish stories and research through the lens of gender.

Background for potential writers

At the moment, we’re working towards making the BroadAgenda content more accessible, diverse and getting a much bigger reach. When we say diversity, we’re talking women and LGBTI+ folks and a diversity of: backgrounds, ethnicities, ages, abilities, economic situations etc.

We do also have blokes writing for us – especially when they have something crucial to add to the conversation, like this terrific and widely read article we recently published.

Our plan is to make BroadAgenda a household name! To that end, we have just partnered with HerCanberra website to share our content, and we now have a combined audience of 300,000 readers per month. (We are currently sitting on ten times our normal organic engagement, so this plan is working.)

Of course, we’ll still keep our focus on gender and issues related to equality. But we’re keen for a range of items, including *some* lighter pieces.

Tips when you’re writing your article for us

As above, we are trying to make the website content as accessible as possible – the more people we reach, the better. So, some things to include if you’d like to write this yarn for us:

  • Make sure you explain WHY this issue is important to you/your personal connection. (This is obviously quite different to regular academic writing)
  • Use colourful quotes and as many anecdotes as you can – including possible quotes from others – regular smart women or LGBTI folk and/or other academics or experts
  • We also have an academic bent, as you know. So if you can link to research about this issue, that’d be swell. Fine if it’s your own research too. Go on and give it a good plug!!!
  • Please make sure research is linked in the article (not footnoted)
  • Don’t forget: We need you to provide a high quality portrait image with your submission and a two-line bio for each author. Depending on the type of article, you may also be asked to provide additional photos for the article.

We have three pillars that stories usually fall under – “share the load, share the benefits and share the power.”

Our pieces are usually 500-1000 words.

Please note: At this stage, we’re not paying for submissions.

If you have any further questions drop us a line here

It might also help to spend some time lurking on the site and reading the types of articles we usually publish.


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