Women in politics: The state of play

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Women in Politics:

When it comes to the representations of women in politics, Australia has little to be proud of. On the Inter-Parliamentary Union's ranking of women in national parliaments, we are currently 47th. And despite the significant mainstream media attention on this topic in recent years, the last Federal election in May did not see an improvement in women's representation. What is actually going on?

In this snippet of the Democracy Sausage podcast, BroadAgenda Chief Editor Virginia Haussegger, Research Fellow and Former MLA ACT, Megan Fitzharris, and PhD candidate Blair Williams talk to Mark Kenny about the current state of play. Topics discussed in this wide ranging episode include:

Do women do politics differently?; Do women make the political arena more 'gentle' - or are ambitious women just as brutal as their male colleagues?; Is Jacinda Ardern lifting the bar, and perhaps even setting a new leadership benchmark?; How did former Prime Minister Julia Gillard and former Foreign Minister and long time Deputy Leader Julie Bishop fall victim to toxic sexism both within their own parties and from the wider public?; Given the growing number of women MP’s who are calling out blatant and abhorrent sexism, both here and in the UK, why would any woman even consider a career in politics these days?; and lastly, former MLA Megan Fitzharris makes a strong case for the personal value women can take from political participation.

Listen to the full episode here.

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