Prostitution policy: The way forward

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"Prostitution policy operates largely in an evidence-free zone", argues Professor Hendrik Wagenaar, co-author and researcher of the most comprehensive study on the topic to date. The discourses around prostitution, he notes, tend to be ideologically driven, making it hard to engage in constructive policy-making. 

So how do we then move forward in this environment, where morality politics and emotional arguments are sometimes louder than the facts? And are there any universal lessons that can be drawn from the comprehensive 22 country comparison? These are just some of the questions we explore in this final instalment of our exclusive three part interview series.

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We were delighted to have the opportunity to talk to Professor Wagenaar during his recent visit to the Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis at the University of Canberra. In part 1 we zoomed in on the actual figures, and how they are being manipulated by both politicians and the media alike. In part 2, we explored whether sex workers can actually be active agents in this context. 

The book 'Designing prostitution policy: Intention and reality in regulating the sex trade' is available through Open Access download here


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