September 2017

2017: September Week 4
22 Sep 2017 Defence walks away from X-inclusive gender diversity The Mandarin A male junior minister has orchestrated a reversal of the most prominent of the Turnbull government’s pro-inclusion gender strategies.
20 Sep 2017 Here's why gender equality is taking so long World Economic Forum Addresses the role of unconscious bias in prolonging the time it will take to close the gender gap.
08 Sep 2017 I'm tired of men belittling female academics – take our research seriously The Guardian As a woman researching gender, I’m often told I’m wrong or that my work is ‘soft’ – yet universities need diverse perspectives.
11 Sep 2017 ‘If we’re going to elevate women, some men are going to lose some power that they unjustly have’ New York Times Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau engaged in some frank talk, including what it’s going to take to achieve true gender parity. And he answered ‘the ultimate feminist question’.
19 Sep 2017 Desperately Seeking an Elderly Gentleman with a Large Majority … to Persuade Parliament to Allow MPs to Job-Share  Centre for the study of British Politics & Public Life  It might take someone who understands Parliament, and is respected within it, to push the debate about making parliament accessible forward.
08 Sep 2017 Women hold just 12% of high-level ASX200 roles, report finds  Guardian Australia Chief Executive Women data also shows only 30% of executive roles such as in strategy, IT and legal are held by women in ASX200 companies.
2017: September Week 3
31 Aug 2017 ASEAN urged to put women empowerment top on agenda  Manila Bulletin Despite commendable progress towards gender equality, more work is required to advance meaningful participation of women in Malaysian society.
28 Aug 2017 The Women of ISIS: Gender and Political Violence Political violence at a glance Women’s agency in their participation in political violence is often if not always minimized in media  coverage of their actions.
24 Aug 2017 Women On Boards: A Call To Action With Bloomberg’s Peter T. Grauer  HuffPost The pace of change at the board level in the US has been moving at a glacial speed of less than 1% per year for the last 20 years.
29 Aug 2017 Gender Pay Gap: Facts & Fictions Diversity Council Australia What are the facts and the myths when it comes to the gender pay gap? 
29 Aug 2017 Men still dominate managerial positions. The excuses are running out Guardian Australia Across all industries, even those with a majority female workforce, men make up the bulk of managers. Participation rates can’t account for the difference.
22 Aug 2017 Malaysia's push for gender equality holds lessons for Asia Nikkei Asia Government must lead by example to encourage women into upper echelons.