October 2017

2017: October Week 4
26 Oct 2017 Did Westpac just mansplain gender diversity to its competitors? The Conversation Questions have been raised over whether the 50% women leaders is a bona fide achievement or a PR stunt.
19 Oct 2017 Gender diversity failing women, or just Lisa Wilkinson? financy.com.au How is it that Nine is not awake to the risks of a gender pay outcry?
24 Oct 2017 Childcare the key policy change for women leaders Australian Financial Review Care-related policies are particularly influential around women's workforce participation.
23 Oct 2017 How most leadership training programs fail women Washington Post A new report points to leadership training programs as a factor in women's underrepresentation in top corporate jobs.
23 Oct 2017 100 Women: Is the gender pay gap in sport really closing? BBC News In the ranking of the 100 highest-paid athletes, there is just one woman - tennis star Serena Williams.
24 Oct 2017 Young feminists: the future belongs to us, not transnational corporations www.opendemocracy.net Young feminists must join the growing mobilisation for a UN treaty on transnational corporations and human rights.
2017: October Week 3
14 Oct 2017 Women in the Workplace 2017 www.mckinsey.com Outlines the findings from the new report from LeanIn.org and McKinsey & Company.
10 Oct 2017 When executives misbehave, all-male boards are part of the problem money.cnn.com Harvey Weinstein's swift fall from grace highlights just how wildly underrepresented women are in corporate boardrooms.
17 Oct 2017 Why I'm Not Joining The #MeToo Hashtag Even Though I Was Sexually Harassed  HuffPost Australia The social media storm is watering down the stories that really deserve to be told.
18 Oct 2017 Australia's gender pay gap: why do women still earn less than men? The Guardian Despite decades of government policy, women earn 15.3% less than men, with discrimination and job segregation driving the disparity.
14 Oct 2017 Women on Wall Street See Fewer Opportunities to Advance www.thestreet.com For women in the financial services industry, not having a sponsor is the biggest barrier to success.
13 Oct 2017 How the Liberals can fix their gender problem The Conversation The Liberal Party has again ignited debate over how best to increase women’s representation in parliament.
17 Oct 2017 Better data on women’s economic lives for better policy Deliver2030.org How do we ensure that we are collecting the “better data” to design effective policies, especially in complex rural settings? 
2017: October Week 2
10 Oct 2017 Australia Post eliminates gender pay gap Australian Finanacial Review Australia Post has reduced the average pay difference between men and women to zero for the first time across the enterprise.
8 Oct 2017 Women’s rights are on the retreat yet again. Why? The Guardian Donald Trump’s ruling making it easier for companies to opt out of providing free birth control highlights the need for vigilance.
6 Oct 2017 CEOs Explain How They Gender-Balanced Their Boards Harvard Business Review CEOs can do a better job of advocating for getting more women on the board. Fortunately, some are leading the way.
9 Oct 2017 Industry super fund boards fail to appoint women directors Australian Financial Review Industry super funds are falling well short of the 30 per cent target for women directors that they demand of ASX-listed companies.
10 Oct 2017 Women Who Caucus: Feminist Political Scientists womenaustralia.info This exhibition will take you into the personal and professional lives of a handful of Australian feminist political scientists.
15 Aug 2017 As Democracies Weaken Globally, Women Fail to Win Top Political Posts www.passblue.com The last year has brought troubling events for feminists who are striving to see more women win top political leadership positions.
2017: October Week 1
05 Oct 2017 The Myth of Women’s ‘Empowerment New York Times The assumption behind donations to women in developing countries is the incorrect: Women’s empowerment is not just an economic issue.
12 Jun 2016 Pearls of Wisdom from Forbes’ Top 20 Most Powerful Women Darling magazine It’s evident that women are taking the reins in a number of powerful positions worldwide. Here are their insights.
26 Sep 2017 No women on the board? Companies warned they could face gender quotas ABC News The Federal Government might be forced to intervene with quotas to force companies to get more women directors into boardrooms.
05 Oct 2017 We need better data to support women’s economic empowerment Deliver2030.org The economic case for women's empowerment is strong, with evidence from the OECD suggesting that USD 12 trillion could be added to global GDP if we reduced gender inequality.
04 Oct 2017 Women are damned if they do and damned if they don’t when it comes to politics and parenting Policy Options Whether or not they are mothers, this no-win situation raises challenging questions about how society thinks and talks about women’s parental status in politics.