November 2017

2017: November Week 5
24 Nov 2017 Australian research 'has a Daversity problem': Analysis shows too many men work mostly with other men ABC News A team of academics created data maps of the men and women who received coveted academic grants in Australia, and found men mostly work with other men.
26 Nov 2017 Women’s Rights Movements: Strong but Embattled  Human Rights Watch The work of a Nicaraguan organisation illustrates the local action at the heart of global movements for women’s rights.
28 Nov 2017 Life is good in Australia – so why don't women feel safe walking home?  Guardian Australia The OECD Better Life Index has Australia sitting pretty alongside Scandinavia and Canada – but drill a little deeper 
27 Nov 2017 Workplaces can be safe spaces for women at risk: Our research on paid family/domestic violence leave  Women's Agenda Employers can play an important role in helping women who experience family/domestic violence to stay safe, and rebuild their lives. 
27 Nov 2017 Football’s gender pay gap worse than in politics, medicine and space  The Guardian A new report finds that the combined pay of those playing in the top seven women’s football leagues equals that of a single male footballer.
25 Nov 2017 Trudeau says men need to step up to help end violence against women Global News Calling such violence a human rights violation, he said men need to hold themselves and their peers accountable for their behaviour.
26 Nov 2017 Why 2020 will be the year of the woman In this post-Weinstein moment, Democrats are pining for the karmic justice of defeating Trump with shards from a glass ceiling. Here’s how it could happen. 
2017: November Week 4
23 Nov 2017 Bidder for harassment-rocked Weinstein Company pushes for women-led board  Sydney Morning Herald One aspect of the bid to take over the Weinstein company is getting the most attention: Its proposal to install a majority-female board of directors.
22 Nov 2017 Foreign Minister Julie Bishop wants more women in politics and more female leaders in the world  The Daily Telegraph Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has encouraged more women to embark on a career in politics, saying there is room for more female leaders in the world. 
19 Nov 2017 Rising Women Leaders - Overcoming 10 Obstacles To Powering Up Gaining power over people & resources allows you to get good things done. It’s worth getting comfortable with it. 
20 Nov 2017 The EU Is Taking a Drastic Step to Put More Women on Corporate Boards The European Commission is expected to take a dramatic step in its effort to diversify corporate boards. 
20 Nov 2017 Hollywood’s transformation: Meet the woman bidding for the Weinstein Company Women's Agenda There may be something of a silver lining to the Harvey Weinstein scandal, and it comes in the form of one very astute, formidable woman: Maria Contreras-Sweet. 
2017: November Week 3
16 Nov 2017 Tracking Women's Advancement Into Leadership It's one thing to say you want women to move into positions of power. It's another thing entirely to actually do something about it. 
17 Nov 2017 Women on Boards: A Call to Action with Citigroup’s Michael Corbat  HuffPost In terms of female representation, unfortunately the United States has gone in the wrong direction - from being number 11, to number 14. 
17 Nov 2017 Workplace gender equality score reveals massive blind spot letting Australian businesses down Disappointingly, the WGEA's annual scorecard reveals there has been no notable change in the gender balance of Australian boardrooms. 
15 Nov 2017 Women on company boards: time for the government to adopt legislative quotas  LSE British Politics & Policy blog The UK’s voluntary approach towards gender equality on company boards has so far yielded results that are neither encouraging nor satisfactory. 
16 Nov 2017 Why balance is critical to the development of Asean’s workforce  Enterprise innovation Gender diversity isn’t an HR issue. It should be embedded in all corporations’ DNA and culture, and requires executive level attention and leadership. 
17 Nov 2017 It’s too soon to celebrate a narrowing gender wage gap The Conversation The gender pay gap is trending downward. It has fallen from 24.7% to 22.4% in the past four years,  but it’s not time to pop the champagne cork.
2017: November Week 2
12 Sep 2017 Opposite sexes on the same side when it comes to women and work A new Gallup survey suggests that behind almost every woman who wants a paid job, is a man who thinks she should be able to have one.
10 Nov 2017 More women on UK boards but top jobs out of reach: report  Reuters Women hold 28 percent of directors’ seats on the boards of FTSE 100 companies, against 11 percent a decade ago.
15 Nov 2017 Promoting gender parity: Microsoft has hired more women post-LinkedIn acquisition  Economic Times Women now represent 27.3 per cent of Microsoft's and LinkedIn's combined global workforce, the tech giant has revealed.
12 Oct 2017 A majority of men say there are enough women in leadership roles One in 10 senior leaders is a woman and 50 percent of men think that's good enough, according to Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.
27 Sep 2017 We’re sending our daughters into a workplace designed for our dads  Melinda Gates/LinkedIn In some ways, our workplaces have evolved with our workforce. Yet when you really think about it, in many of the most important ways, our offices are still stuck in the past.
2017: November Week 1
16 Oct 2017 STEM enrolments show shift in gender equity  Education HQ New data from the Department of Education and Training’s u-Cube stats shows rare good news in changing perceptions of STEM. 
11 Oct 2017 Intersectionality? Not while feminists participate in pile-ons  Guardian Australia Mainstream feminism cannot comprehend that racism and sexism are not experienced separately but simultaneously.
11 Oct 2017 What The CEO of Boeing Defense Loves About Women in Leadership “It’s always about how you handle it right the next time”.
05 Oct 2017 Women on Boards: A Call to Action with Xerox’s Ursula Burns  HuffPost Ursula Burns believes it is essential to have women on boards to provide a different point of view in the decision-making process. 
23 Aug 2017 7 Data Visualizations that Opened the World’s Eyes to Gender Inequality Good data gives the world the information it needs to act upon pressing issues, and visualizations can help bring the data on gender inequality to life.