August 2018

2018 August: Week 5

  1. Superannuation: For women about to leave the workforce, the news isn't great, 31 Aug, The Guardian
  2. Politics in Australia has a woman problem – and it’s time it stopped, 30 Aug, The Guardian
  3. NSW's first whole-of-government plan for tackling gender inequality, 30 Aug, Sydney Morning Herald 
  4. A ‘woman problem’? No, the Liberals have a ‘man problem’, and they need to fix it, 30 Aug, The Conversation
  5. “Women have suffered in silence for too long”: A politician’s parting words calls out sexism in Australian politics, 29 Aug, Quartz
  6. Stale boys club lingers on: Research, 29 Aug, Financial Standard
  7. Julie Bishop loves to speak in code and she saved her best one-liner for last, 28 Aug, ABC News 
  8. Why Women Stay Out of the Spotlight at Work, 28 Aug, Harvard Business Review 

  9. 'Slut-shaming is used as a method of torture': Emma Husar explains why she quit politics, 28 Aug, ABC News 
  10. People who see men and women as fundamentally different are more likely to accept workplace discrimination, 27 Aug, The Conversation 
  11. Women of Influence 2018: Surge in entries from entrepreneurs and small business, 27 Aug, Australian Financial Review
  12. For Female Candidates, Harassment and Threats Come Every Day, 24 Aug, New York Times
  13. Julie Bishop was no 'Lady Macbeth', 24 Aug, The Sydney Morning Herald 

2018 August: Week 4

  1. Why is Julie Bishop overlooked as a potential prime minister?, 22 Aug,
  2. New survey shows sexual harassment is rife, complaints are ignored & women fear for their jobs, 22 Aug, Women's Agenda 
  3. ‘I’m, unapologetically, a brown, Muslim, migrant, feminist woman’: Mehreen Faruqi’s first speech, 22 Aug, Women's Agenda 
  4. The Hon. Julia Gillard AC to reveal critical insights on women in leadership at upcoming conference, 22 Aug, The Mandarin
  5. University of Adelaide advertises engineering academic positions just for women, 22 Aug, ABC News
  6. Australia’s First Gender Equality Bill: Have Your Say, 21 Aug, Premier of Victoria  
  7. Catalyst Taps Former Silicon Valley Exec to Boost Women at Work, 20 Aug, Bloomberg
  8. Reports about the gender pay gap closing could be fake news, 20 Aug, Brisbane Times 
  9. The gender gap in Australia’s hate speech laws, 20 Aug, The Conversation 
  10. ‘Quotas work’: Victorian government crows women surpassing parity on boards, 20 Aug, The Mandarin 
  11. How Sexism Follows Women from the Cradle to the Workplace, 19 Aug, The New York Times 

2018 August: Week 3

  1. National gender pay gap lowest in 20 years, 16 Aug, Workplace Gender Equality Agency 
  2. Beyond 200: A Study of Gender Diversity in ASX 201-500 companies, 16 Aug, Australian Institute of Company Directors 
  3. Gender equity more than a women's issue - Speech, House of Representatives, 15 Aug, Andrew Leigh MP
  4. Girls aren’t good at maths or science? Nope. Maths and science haven’t been good enough for girls, 15 Aug, Women's Agenda 
  5. Schools can help prevent gendered violence: Natasha Stott Despoja, 13 Aug, Education HQ
  6. The conversation we need to have about Emma Husar, 13 Aug, Women's Agenda 
  7. Fact check: Has equality for Australian women relative to the world fallen in the last six or eight years?, 13 Aug, ABC News 
  8. Showing women that cyber security is not just a man's world, 13 Aug, Australian Financial Review 
  9. Diversity policies have failed in law, 13 Aug, Lawyers Weekly
  10. Women of Influence 2018: not-for-profit sector needs diversity to restore trust, 12 Aug, Australian Financial Review 
  11. How to Capture the Diversity Dividend, 10 Aug, Forbes 
  12. Government managers under-resourced on gender gap, 9 Aug, Government News 

2018 August: Week 2

  1. Banks: it's not just the customers who are being hurt, 10 Aug, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  2. Why there are still so few minority women CEOs, 9 Aug, The Washington Post 
  3. Why young women say no to rural Australia, 9 Aug, The Conversation 
  4. 'You can't be what you can't see': Canberra's vision for women's sport, 8 Aug, The Sydney Morning Herald
  5. When a female CEO leaves, the glass ceiling is restored, 6 Aug, New York Times
  6. Workplace flexibility isn’t enough. Employers must offer part-time work, 6 Aug, Women's Agenda 
  7. Going up: How leaders can help women find their way to the top, 6 Aug, PSNews
  8. Sorry, men, there’s no such thing as ‘dirt blindness’ – you just need to do more housework, 6 Aug, The Conversation
  9. Chart of the Week: Equal Pay Remains a Global Issue, 6 Aug, International Monetary Fund Blog 
  10. South Australian Mature Women’s Ambassador Susan Mitchell axed after stoppage of funding, 4 Aug, Adelaide Now
  11. UN Women convenes experts on sexual harassment at the workplace, 3 Aug, UN Women
  12. What you need to know about Australia’s latest major female CEO appointment: Shemara Wikramanayake, 3 Aug, Women's Agenda 
  13. Why are so many academic conferences hostile to women?, 3 Aug, The Guardian

2018 August: Week 1

  1. Nationals deny women problem in parliament, 2 Aug, SBS News 
  2. Merit: the next frontier for gender equity?, 1 Aug, The Mandarin

  3. Unpaid domestic violence leave comes into effect across Australia, 1 Aug, Ten Daily 

  4. Australia’s action on Women, Peace and Security agenda, 1 Aug, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 
  5. HILDA Survey reveals striking gender and age divide in financial literacy. Test yourself with this quiz, 31 Jul, The Conversation 
  6. Happy to fire, reluctant to hire: Hollywood inclusion remains unchanged, 30 Jul, USC Annenberg 
  7. Confidence killer: The psychological impact of workplace sexism, 30 Jul, PS News 
  8. Women more educated than men but housework and pay divide remains: HILDA, 30 Jul, Australian Financial Review 
  9. Parents can promote gender equality and help prevent violence against women. Here’s how, 30 Jul, The Conversation
  10. Cricket Australia's treatment of an employee is a warning to us all, 30 Jul, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  11. The book that had redefined my outlook on sexism, 29 Jul, The Sydney Morning Herald