July 2018

2018 July: Week 4

  1. 'A huge win': New Zealand brings in paid domestic violence leave in world first, 26 Jul, The Guardian
  2. Women are dominating employment growth, but what sort of jobs are we talking about?, 25 Jul, The Conversation 
  3. How the AFP responded to staff gender equality concerns, 25 Jul, The Mandarin 
  4. UN delivers strong rebuke to Australian government on women’s rights, 24 Jul, The Conversation  
  5. This is a frightening time to be a woman who speaks truth to power, 24 Jul, The Guardian 
  6. Guys, this isn't funny, 24 Jul, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  7. End the fear and set targets on men working flexibly: Libby Lyons, 24 Jul, Women's Agenda  
  8. How Aussie women are breaking ground in the blockchain sector, 23 Jul, Australian Financial Review
  9. Moms Running for Office Are Finally Advertising Their Motherhood, 23 Jul, The Atlantic  
  10. UN women’s rights experts issue findings on Australia, Cook Islands, Cyprus, Liechtenstein, Mexico, New Zealand, State of Palestine, and Turkmenistan, 23 Jul, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights 
  11. Bosses are failing to explain why female leaders boost profits. This could hurt corporate diversity efforts, 20 Jul, The Washington Post  

2018 July: Week 3

  1. The disturbing reality behind the 'Q & A' panel, 17 Jul, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  2. Why I’ve changed my mind and now support female board quotas, 16 Jul, Women's Agenda 
  3. Young women are turning off a career in politics, but we can fix this, 16 Jul, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  4. Question time: How more women in Parliament would cut sexist abuse, 16 Jul, PS News 
  5. Why Women Volunteer for Tasks That Don’t Lead to Promotions, 16 Jul, Harvard Business Review
  6. Flexible work saving government millions annually, study finds, 16 Jul, The Mandarin
  7. No going back. How 2018 has drawn a line in the ground for gender progress in leadership, 15 Jul, Forbes 
  8. The power-sharing dream: Where women rule in the world, 15 Jul, BBC News 
  9. Australian show business has a problem: Where are all the women at the top?, 15 Jul, ABC News 
  10. Camouflaging diversity issues isn’t the same as solving them, 14 Jul, Fast Company 
  11. More employers paying superannuation during parental leave. But what about women who don’t work for them?, 13 Jul, Women's Agenda 
  12. Women of colour don't lack agency or capability, we lack opportunity, 13 Jul, SBS News 

2018 July: Week 2

  1. Indigenous women celebrated at NAIDOC Week, leading the way in gender equity on boards, 12 Jul, ABC News
  2. Indigenous women caught in a 'broken system', commissioner says, 12 Jul, The Guardian 
  3. ‘Network contagion’ is key to getting healthier numbers of women on company boards, 11 Jul, The Conversation 
  4. A women in politics scorecard, 11 Jul, The Canberra Times 
  5. Media Release: 10 July 2018: Girls reluctant to pursue a life of politics cite sexism as key reason, 10 Jul, Plan Australia
  6. Media Release: First Indigenous BoardLinks Champion appointed, 10 Jul,  Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 
  7. AICD figures reveal gender diversity on Australian boards is on the rise, 10 Jul, News.com.au 
  8. I boarded a flight in Britain and when I landed the world had changed, 9 Jul, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  9. Exceptional female leaders in public sector honoured — NSW Top 50 list, 9 Jul, The Mandarin  
  10. New Zealand may force private companies to appoint women directors, 8 Jul, Australian Financial Review 
  11. Bill Shorten under pressure to take on Labor Right 'boys club', 7 Jul, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  12. Australian embassy reviews US 'mateship' campaign that featured only white men, 6 Jul, The Guardian 
  13. Leyonhjelm has ignited outrage that is years overdue, 6 Jul, The Age 

2018 July: Week 1

  1. PM's department tries to work out why males get top jobs, accidently finds women outperform men, 6 Jul, ABC News
  2. Our women are fighting for equal rights - for our children and our people, 5 Jul, The Guardian 
  3. Commissioner Jenkins appears before UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women, 4 Jul, Australian Human Rights Commission 
  4. Australia has ‘alarming’ human rights record on women says UN, 4 Jul, Women's Agenda 
  5. What our kids' pocket money says about the pay gap, 4 Jul, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  6. 15 prestigious Australians & Americans apparently embody the spirit of mateship. They’re all men., 4 Jul, Women's Agenda
  7. Sexist abuse has a long history in Australian politics – and takes us all to a dark place, 4 Jul, The Conversation 
  8. We must overhaul how we measure the gender pay gap if we ever hope to fix it, 3 Jul, Women's Agenda 
  9. Media release: Australian leaders urged to confront resistance to advancing women, 3 Jul, Male Champions of Change and Chief Executive Women 
  10. New quotas lay down law for female barristers, 2 Jul, PS News 
  11. Women discarded during a crisis: CEOs, 2 Jul, Australian Financial Review 
  12. When Senator Leyonhjelm told me to ‘stop shagging men’, I had to speak up, 29 Jun, The Guardian