June 2018

2018 June: Week 5

  1. Same waves, half the prize money: why this photo is a disgrace, 28 Jun, Brisbane Times 

  2. UN set to review Australia’s record on women’s rights – and may find it wanting, 28 Jun, The Conversation
  3. It speaks volumes that Coalition women struggle to be heard, 27 Jun, The Guardian
  4. UNSW legal centre leads UN delegation on women's rights, 27 Jun, UNSW Sydney Newsroom
  5. We’re not willing to put up with sexism in sport anymore, and the World Cup proves it, 27 Jun, Women's Agenda 
  6. Why this football tournament should be called the men’s World Cup, 26 Jun, The Conversation
  7. ASX 200 urged to hit 40% target for women on boards by 2022, 25 Jun, The Sydney Morning Herald (paywall sorry!)
  8. The Unconscious Bias Women Have Against Women, 25 Jun, Forbes 
  9. Liberal party feminist Kelly O’Dwyer: sexual harassment is an economic issue, 22 Jun, The Guardian
  10. Women, peace and security finally on ASEAN’s radar, 22 Jun, Australian Strategic Policy Institute 
  11. Online abuse against women on Human Rights Council agenda, 22 Jun, Australian Human Rights Commission
  12. Women's rights face global pushback from conservativism, fundamentalism – UN experts warn, 22 Jun, United Nations News 

2018 June: Week 4

  1. Mothers have little to show for extra days of work under new tax changes, 20 Jun, The Conversation 
  2. Tiptoeing through the merit minefield: blind recruiting and the search for objectivity, 20 Jun, The Mandarin
  3. National Inquiry into Workplace Sexual Harassment, 20 Jun, Prime Minister and Cabinet
  4. Report finds 40% of women face discrimination in sport jobs, 20 Jun, The Guardian 
  5. Should female doctors hide their title? Why #immodestwomen say no, 19 Jun, The Guardian 
  6. #TimesUp in freelancing - Steps to solving the gender pay gap, 18 Jun, Forbes
  7. To design safer parks for women, city planners must listen to their stories, 18 Jun, The Conversation
  8. Why the cost of work remains too high for women (& tax cuts don’t help), 18 Jun, Women's Agenda
  9. Fewer bonuses, more allowances: public service pay up by 2.5 per cent, 15 Jun, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  10. APSC puts money on remuneration report, 14 Jun, PSNews
  11. Switzerland adopts quota for women board directors, 14 Jun, The Local

2018 June: Week 3

  1. Women now account for 27.7% of ASX200 board positions, up from 25.4% this time last year, according to new figures released today by the Australian Institute of Company Directors., 14 Jun, Australian Institute of Company Directors 
  2. Gender double standard when assessing 'merit' in corporate Australia, 13 Jun, ABC News
  3. Pink tax versus blue tax: the case for taxing women lightly, 13 Jun, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  4. To fix gender inequity in arts leadership we need more women in politics and chairing boards, 12 Jun, The Conversation 
  5. Why Being a Parent Can Widen the Gender Pay Gap To 20%, 12 Jun, Huffington Post 
  6. Automation has the potential to improve gender equality at work, 11 Jun, The Conversation 
  7. More women than men in top Queen's birthday honours, 11 Jun, The Guardian
  8. IATA meeting points to dearth of women in airline C-suites, 10 Jun, Travel Weekly
  9. Reasons for the Gender Pay Gap Don’t Include This Major Myth, According to New Research, 8 Jun, Bustle 
  10. Women Now Outnumber Men in Spain's Cabinet. What's Holding Them Back Elsewhere?, 8 Jun, Time 

2018 June: Week 2

  1. 50/50 Event: Women in Leadership Symposium 2018: Canberra, UC, 14th June 2018 [Upcoming Event], n.d., Public Sector Network
  2. Spain's new PM Sanchez names 'pro-gender equality' cabinet with women in majority, 7 Jun, ABC News 
  3. Why it matters so much every time a woman CEO leaves, 7 Jun, CNN Money
  4. Not A Single Woman Made Forbes' Top 100 Highest-Paid Athletes Of 2018, 7 Jun, Huffington Post
  5. How much progress have we actually made when it comes to women on boards?, 7 Jun, Women's Agenda 
  6. Plibersek says more women on frontbench would make Coalition less blind to tax bias, 7 Jun, The Guardian 
  7. Qatar Airways C.E.O. Says Women Can’t Do His Job. Cue Groans and Backpedaling, 6 Jun, The New York Times 
  8. Labor switches tax cut battle to question of gender equity, 6 Jun, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  9. New report reveals truth about family violence, 6 Jun, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  10. Women in politics: Australians 'too conservative' to put more women in power, academic says, 5 Jun, ABC News
  11. How a 'concrete floor' could get more women into power, 5 Jun, BBC News
  12. Gender pay-gap 'tough love' - Australia sits in the shadows of the UK, 4 Jun, News Centre, Kings College London
  13. The problems in super the Productivity Commission report won't fix, 2 Jun, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  14. The female tradie shortage: why real change requires a major cultural shift, 1 Jun, The Conversation 

2018 June: Week 1

  1. Australia’s major dance companies need to step up on gender equality, 31 May, The Conversation 
  2. How community management and policing internet trolls became women's work, 31 May, ABC News
  3. A new, data-based checklist to help boost women in science leadership, 31 May, The Conversation
  4. Globally, Countries Lose $160 Trillion in Wealth Due to Earnings Gaps Between Women and Men, 30 May, The World Bank
  5. 'Savita!': why the Irish abortion vote touched women the world over, 30 May, The Guardian 
  6. Philip Dalidakis calls on the community (and men) to support women in tech, 30 May, Smart Company

  7. How parenthood continues to cost women more than men, 30 May, The Conversation
  8. Controversy over female GPs 'charging more' masks the real issue, 29 May, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  9. Senior women urged to talk about pathways to success, 28 May, Australian Financial Review 
  10. AFLW now has no female head coaches. Why is leadership in women's sport still a man's world?, 25 May, ABC News
  11. Why We Are Not Done With Gender Equity Yet, 25 May, Forbes.com