May 2018

2018 May: Week 4

  1. Gender Equality Top 100, n.d. 24 May, aPolitical
  2. The Number of Female Chief Executives Is Falling, 23 May, The New York Times 
  3. Saying women should 'work harder' is the latest rendition of a familiar song, 23 May, The Guardian (Australian Edition)
  4. Note to the LNP: Wheeling out your (few) female members to confect outrage on progress, is a tactic we all see through, 23 May, Women's Agenda 
  5. Women in mining: Dig the changing face of Australia's mining industry, 23 May, ABC News 
  6. Q&A: Liberal Jane Hume says women should 'work harder' to get into parliament, 22 May, The Guardian (Australian Edition)
  7. Chart of the day: The most manly (and womanly) jobs in Australia, 21 May, ABC News 
  8. Australians recognised as global momentum for gender equality grows, 21 May, Workplace Gender Equality Agency 
  9. Bonuses drive up gender gaps, 21 May, Workplace Gender Equality Agency
  10. Women On Boards: Why The Conversation Matters, 21 May, Forbes
  11. The Liberals have a serious women problem – and it’s time they took action to change it, 21 May, The Conversation
  12. Fashion’s Woman Problem, 18 May, The New York Times 

2018 May: Week 3

  1. Women's work is treated as a joke in this country, 17 May, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  2. Long-term action to support girls and women in STEM, 16 May, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
  3. Income tax cuts in 2018 Budget will largely benefit men, 16 May, The Australia Institute 
  4. Roadmap to 50x50: Power and parity in women's leadership, 15 May, The Women in the Public Service Movement
  5. View from The Hill: Kelly O'Dwyer seeks to turn one Liberal woman’s loss into gains for others, 15 May, The Conversation 
  6. Dumping of Jane Prentice highlights Coalition's women problem, 15 May, ABC News 
  7. Fight for gender equality in Canberra to get a $700,000 budget boost, 14 May, The Canberra Times 
  8. The Gender Pay Gap Exists In The Freelance World, Too, 13 May, Forbes 
  9. 'No regrets': Hillary Clinton talks gender, Trump and Australian chardonnay, 12 May, SBS
  10. Case for gender diversity on boards will survive the post-AMP backlash, 11 May, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  11. The hypocrisy is blatant & barefaced: Why Jane Caro can’t stand Mother’s Day, 11 May, Women's Agenda 

2018 May: Week 2 

  1. 50/50 Event: Women in Leadership Symposium 2018: Canberra, UC, 14th June 2018 [Upcoming Event], n.d., Public Sector Network
  2. ALP Women's Budget Statement 2018, 10 May, Office of the Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Tanya Plibersek
  3. Women's Budget 2018-19 Snapshot, 8 May, Office for Women, Dept Prime Minister & Cabinet
  4. Gender equality and violence against women: separate conversations?, 9 May, The Mandarin
  5. From a ‘dangerous’ lack of DV spending to foreign aid cuts & little for women, this budget bites, 9 May, Women's Agenda
  6. Male Brand Mascots Outnumber Female Mascots Two-To-One from First Systematic Study of Mascot Gender and Race Representations Conducted by the Geena Davis Institute on Gender In Media for The Jel Sert Company, 9 May, Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media
  7. 'Hidden curriculum' keeping best and brightest from becoming surgeons, 9 May, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  8. Women on Boards - Problem is demand, not their supply; Op ed by Elizabeth Proust, 9 May, The Australian (paywall sorry!)
  9. What’s in the federal budget for women?, 8 May, The Financy
  10. Primary care-giving and leadership in the public sector — ‘the balance has shifted’, 7 May, The Mandarin
  11. Women's economic security in budget spotlight, Kelly O'Dwyer confirms, 7 May, The Guardian (Australian Edition)
  12. The first rule of being a woman in crypto is you do not talk about being a woman in crypto, 5 May, Quartz
  13. More women, older men in future work: RBA, 4 May, The Australian

2018 May: Week 1

  1. Company boards are stacked with friends of friends so how can we expect change? May 4, The Conversation
  2. Who is middle Australia? Not your average woman, 3 May, The Guardian (Australian Edition)

  3. Woman are to blame for the mess revealed at the banking royal commission. Of course. 2 May, Women's Agenda
  4. More than 200 Indigenous women in business meet for Australian-first conference, 2 May, ABC News 

  5. ASX writes 30pc gender target into governance guidelines, 2 May, Australian Financial Review 
  6. AFL's handling of sex harassment cases is broader than hush money, 2 May, WA Today
  7. Labor’s promise to axe tampon tax just start of focus that should be on women this budget, 30 Apr, Women's Agenda 
  8. Beware, fellow feminist witches, conservative columnists are on to us!, 30 Apr, The Guardian (Australian Edition)
  9. The best paid jobs for men and women, but mind the gap, 27 Apr, The Canberra Times 
  10. Women in these 80 occupations earn more than men, on average, 27 Apr, ABC News
  11. Discrimination isn't just a cultural problem; it's an economic one, 27 Apr, The Sydney Morning Herald