April 2018

2018 April: Week 4

  1. Women's business summit says quotas key, 27 Apr, SBS News
  2. The power of parity: Advancing women’s equality in Asia Pacific, Apr, McKinsey & Company 
  3. Global domination of Andrews, Michaels and Johns, but where are all the women in politics and business?, 26 Apr, Women's Agenda 
  4. Want to boost the economy by $60b? Get more women into jobs, says KPMG, 26 Apr, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  5. Remembering the ‘overlooked’: Susan Neuhaus delivers a first in major Anzac memorial service, 25 Apr, Women's Agenda 
  6. Women have been neglected by the Anzac tradition, and it’s time that changed, 25 Apr, The Conversation
  7. Introducing the new peak body for gender equity (Media Release), 24 Apr, Gender Equity Victoria 
  8. The Top Jobs Where Women Are Outnumbered by Men Named John, 24 Apr, The New York Times 
  9. Why more men working part-time is win, win and win, 23 Apr, Our Watch 
  10. New study says the gender gap in science could take generations to fix, 20 Apr, The Conversation 

2018 April: Week 3

  1. Gender gap in science to last hundreds of years unless more is done, 20 Apr, ABC News
  2. Gender diversity on the agenda, 19 Apr, The Canberra Times 
  3. Want To Close The Gender Gap? Don't Be The Office Mom, 18 Apr, Forbes 
  4. How misogyny, narcissism and a desperate need for power make men abuse women online, 18 Apr, The Conversation
  5. The 10-year baby window intensifying the gender pay gap, 17 Apr, World Economic Forum
  6. 17 April 2018: 90% of young women in Sydney feel unsafe in their city after dark, 17 Apr, Plan Australia
  7. Set targets for men working part-time to help promote women, gender equality body says, 15 Apr, ABC News
  8. Women overtake men for first time in board appointments at Australia’s top 200 companies, 13 Apr, The West Australian
  9. You've heard about the glass ceiling, but what about the glass cliff?, 13 Apr, World Economic Forum 
  10. Deputy Leaders of SA Liberal Party and SA Labor Party are both women for first time in history, 12 Apr, News.com.au

2018 April: Week 2

  1. ASEAN-Australia special summit has much work to do on women’s role in peace and security, 11 Apr, The Conversation
  2. Cosson appointed DVA secretary, Turnbull announces gender parity at the top, 11 Apr, The Mandarin
  3. Female Journalists Are Calling For An End To The Horrific Abuse They Cop Online, 11 Apr, Junkee
  4. Women and the future of work, (audio: 14mins 28secs), 10 Apr, Sydney Business Insights, The University of Sydney Business School
  5. Conversations around gender inequality in Australian music at fever pitch, (audio: 3min 3secs), 10 Apr, ABC News
  6. As women speak out against sexism, men are 'left feeling confused and silenced', 10 Apr, ABC News
  7. Are middle-aged white men losing their grip on power?, 10 Apr, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  8. The 10-Year Baby Window That Is the Key to the Women’s Pay Gap, 9 Apr, The New York Times 
  9. It's about time the ABS started counting how we spend our days once more, 7 Apr, Business Insider
  10. 'Hang women who have abortions' is not a view that's fit for public debate, 6 Apr, The Guardian
  11. The Atlantic “Parts Ways” With Kevin Williamson Over Women-Should-Be-Hanged Comments, 5 Apr, Slate
  12. The Concept Of Merit Is Hurting Women, So Why Are Female Leaders Still Hiding Behind It?, 5 Apr, Elle

2018 April: Week 1

  1. Julia Gillard warns of backlash from gender equality critics, 5 Apr, The Guardian (Australian Edition)
  2. By The Numbers: What Pay Inequality Looks Like For Women In Tech, 4 Apr, Forbes 

  3. Julia Gillard says it will take 200 years before women get equal opportunities, 4 Apr, ABC News 
  4. Women need to make up for lost time in science, 4 Apr, Herald Sun 
  5. Stay-at-home dads still 'unmanly' as gender equity progress 'stalls', 4 Apr, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  6. 2018 Commonwealth Games: A 50-50 prospect: Offering medal equality, 3 Apr, Stuff
  7. How the BBC and Bloomberg plan to increase number of expert female sources quoted, 2 Apr, Women's Agenda
  8. Barbie tackles gender diversity in Australian leadership roles in new campaign, 30 Mar, The Drum
  9. Superannuation: 'Women are having nightmares about their retirement', 30 Mar, ABC News
  10. Reporting portal now open, 27 Mar, Workplace Gender Equality Agency