March 2018

2018 March: Week 5

  1. The global phenomenon WOW (Women of the World) Festival is in Brisbane 6 - 8 April., n.d, Women of the World
  2. Three Practical Ways Women Can Pay It Forward After Breaking the Glass Ceiling, 28 Mar, Forbes 
  3. ‘No quick fix’ to address boardroom gender equality, says visiting academic, 28 Mar, 
  4. Girls Takeover Parliament co-founders named on Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2018 for work on parliamentary gender equality, 28 Mar, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  5. The latest research has found that women really do work harder than men in Australia, 27 Mar, Business Insider 
  6. Time’s Up movement comes to Australia as high-profile women launch NOW Australia, 26 Mar, The Daily Telegraph
  7. Cricket, a cheating scandal & woeful role models: Why women in sport deserve the airtime, 26 May, Women's Agenda 
  8. Tracey Spicer launches Now Australia campaign as Tina Arena joins accusers, 25 Mar, The Guardian (Australian Edition)
  9. Fathers want to take care of their children, too, but our very culture is against them, 25 Mar, The Guardian (Australian Edition)
  10. Low-paid ‘women’s work’: why early childhood educators are walking out, 23 Mar, The Conversation 
  11. At 29.3 per cent SA councils aren't far off the minimal UN requirement of women in government, but can we do better?, 22 Mar, Murray Valley Standard

2018 March: Week 4

  1. Australia's high tech companies have one of the worst gender pay gaps in the world, 22 Mar, Business Insider Australia
  2. Amnesty International says Twitter’s toxic culture is failing women, 21 Mar, The Verge 
  3. Virgin Australia appoints Merren McArthur as Tigerair boss, 21 Mar, Australian Financial Review 
  4. A Sure-Fire Route to Gender Equality? Culture Is the Way, 20 Mar, Forbes 
  5. Is this the key to unlocking gender equality?, 20 Mar, Human Resources Director
  6. Promoting gender equality across our region, 19 Mar, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 
  7. Ticket sales talk: Boycott or walk out of events featuring all-male panels, 19 Mar, Women's Agenda 
  8. First the glass ceiling, now women break through the grass ceiling, 16 Mar, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  9. Tasmania leading the way on female representation in Parliament, 16 Mar, Radio Australia 
  10. Call for a six-hour work day to fix super gender gap, 15 Mar, Investment Magazine

2018 March: Week 3

  1. Does confidence really advance women’s careers? New research says no, 15 Mar, Women's Agenda 
  2. The case for doing away with gendered language, 15 Mar, ABC News 
  3. UC's 50/50 Foundation celebrates BroadAgenda's first anniversary, 14 Mar, Curieux
  4. Eight ways employers can Press for (immediate) Progress for women in their workplaces, 13 Mar, Women's Agenda 
  5. Sex discrimination expert brings human rights complaint against the ANU, 12 Mar, The Canberra Times 
  6. ‘Toxic Culture’ Stymies Australian Politics’ #MeToo Moment, 11 Mar, The New York Times 
  7. Coalition has a problem with women - and Peta Credlin wants to fix it, 9 Mar, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  8. Julie Bishop delivers rousing UN Women's Day speech, 9 Mar, SBS News 
  9. Calls for an end to ‘manels’ and conference gender imbalance, as research shows depth of discrimination against women in STEM, 8 Mar, Healthcare IT
  10. Why is the gender imbalance so hard to budge?, 8 Mar, IN Daily 
  11. OECD launches Toolkit to help governments advance on gender equality goals, 8 Mar, 

2018 March: Week 2

  1. To achieve gender equality, we must first tackle our unconscious biases, 8 Mar, The Conversation 
  2. IWD 2018: key facts about women and work, 7 Mar, Workplace Gender Equality Agency 
  3. #MeToo: Beware the brewing whiff of backlash, 7 Mar, The Age
  4. The Top Companies For Women Executives: Making Strides Toward Gender Equality, 6 Mar, Forbes 
  5. Kelly O'Dwyer calls for 'fighting fund' to finance female Coalition candidates, 6 Mar, The Guardian (Australia Edition)
  6. Gender inequality begins with bedtime stories, 6 Mar, The Sydney Morning Herald
  7. Far enough? Poll shows opinion split over push for gender equality, 6 Mar, WA Today
  8. Australian women report 'shocking' levels of inequality, sexual harassment in new study, 6 Mar, ABC News 
  9. ‘We can’t just keep focusing on women alone’, 2 Mar, Human Resources Director, Australia
  10. Auditing, matching pay and accountability will close the gender pay gap: study, 2 Mar, The Conversation

2018 March: Week 1

  1. Year of significant wins: How 2017 changed the lives of women around the world, 1 Mar, SBS News
  2. The real problem with Michaelia Cash’s outburst, 1 Mar,
  3. PM Malcolm Turnbull invites more Andrews to prestigious dinner than women, 28 Feb, Women's Agenda 
  4. Michaelia Cash forced to withdraw threat to reveal rumours about women in Shorten's office, 28 Feb, ABC News
  5. Good news about that 60 Minutes interview with Jacinda Ardern, 27 Feb, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  6. Over 45 Music Festivals Band Together to Fight Gender Inequality, 28 Feb, Rolling Stone
  7. Low wage growth remains a problem affecting all levels of employment, 27 Feb, The Guardian (Australian Edition)
  8. In Conversation with Natasha Stott Despoja AM, 27 Feb, Probono Australia 
  9. Over 450 business leaders and government delegates commit to boost women’s roles in companies, 27 Feb, United Nations Development Programme 
  10. The continuing challenges for women in STEMM, 26 Feb, Cosmos Magazine  
  11. NSW helps shrink the gender pay gap, 25 Feb, The Sydney Morning Herald   
  12. Female labour force participation reaches all-time high, 15 Feb, Australian Bureau of Statistics