March 2020

2020 March: Week 4

  1. Images of leadership during COVID-19 must be 50/50, 26 Mar, The Canberra Times
  2. Why coronavirus may forever change the way we care within families, 26 Mar, The Conversation
  3. The heartbreaking prospect of asking grandparents to stay away, 26 Mar, Women’s Agenda
  4. 5 lessons on resilience from the legacy of NASA pioneer Katherine Johnson, 26 Mar, Forbes
  5. UK companies given break from reporting gender pay gap due coronavirus, 25 Mar, Reuters
  6. Joe Biden’s inner circle no longer a boys club, 25 Mar, The New York Times
  7. Anti-choice politicians are using the coronavirus crisis to deny abortion rights, 25 Mar, Rolling Stone
  8. The world’s best-paid male footballer earned 272 times more than the highest earning female player last year, 25 Mar, Insider
  9. Women who need abortions may not get them as Coronavirus travel rules could trap doctors, 24 Mar, Buzzfeed
  10. The ‘Niqab Squad’ wants women to be seen differently, 23 Mar, The New York Times
  11. How the sting of an Elizabeth Warren defeat felt different for young women, 21 Mar, The Guardian
  12. Domestic abuse advocates warn of an increase in violence amid coronavirus crisis, 20 Mar, ABC News
  13. Delhi Nirbhaya rape death penalty: What do hangings mean for India's women?, 20 Mar, BBC News
  14. How female Prime Ministers are leading in this time of crisis, 20 Mar, Women's Agenda

Video bonus: Jacinda Ardern hosts coronavirus Q&A from home after putting child to bed, 26 Mar, The Guardian

Bonus read: Breaking the cycle of gender exclusion in political party development, 24 Mar, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace


2020 March: Week 3

  1. The Coronavirus is a disaster for feminism, 20 Mar, The Atlantic 
  2. Women composers' imaginations take flight, 19 Mar, The Age 
  3. Vanuatu's election sees 17 women contest seats — against almost 300 men, 19 Mar, ABC News 
  4. Rapid rise of women’s sport at risk of being halted by Covid-19 outbreak, 19 Mar, The Guardian 
  5. Technology and cybersecurity: a double-edged sword for women, 18 Mar, Australian Strategic Policy Institute: The Strategist 
  6. Domestic violence services warn of spike in incidents during coronavirus isolation, 17 Mar, SBS News 
  7. Coronavirus Australia: Why women will feel the impact more than men, 17 Mar, 7 News 
  8. Women's domestic burden just got heavier with the coronavirus, 16 Mar, The Guardian 
  9. UN Population Fund sounds alarm over dire situation facing women and girls in Syria, as 10th year of war begins, 16 Mar, UN News 
  10. Promoting married women to CEO sees spike in divorce probability, 15 Mar, The Sydney Morning Herald
  11. Saudi law granted women new freedoms. Their families don’t always agree., 14 Mar, The New York Times 
  12. Female seasonal workers gain more than just fruit from their labour, 14 Mar, ABC News 
  13. New study reveals 69 per cent of women face discrimination in Western Australia’s music sector, 14 Mar, NME
  14. Why do the wives and daughters of Dubai's Sheikh Mohammed keep trying to escape?, 14 Mar, The Sydney Morning Herald 

Audio Bonus: Power, control and what we know about domestic violence (interview with Jess Hill), 19 Mar, ABC Radio National: Life Matters 

2020 March: Week 2

  1. Head Of U.S. soccer resigns after equal pay backlash, 13 Mar, Huffington Post
  2. Harvey Weinstein sentenced to 23 years in prison for sexual assaults in win for #MeToo movement, 12 Mar, ABC News 
  3. Internet 'is not working for women and girls', says Berners-Lee, 12 Mar, The Guardian 
  4. 'A tragedy and missed opportunity': Rugby slammed over board make-up, 11 Mar, The Brisbane Times  
  5. How can women have greater impact in the public sector?, 10 Mar, The Mandarin 
  6. In Mexico, women go on strike nationwide to protest violence, 9 Mar, The New York Times 
  7. Democrats eye a Vice-Presidential consolation prize for women, 9 Mar, The New York Times  
  8. Banks, unions, women's advocates unite in call for super payments on parental leave, 8 Mar, The Brisbane Times 
  9. Coronavirus: Five ways virus upheaval is hitting women in Asia, 8 Mar, BBC News
  10. Huge MCG crowd turns up for World T20 final but anger at 'disgusting' TV decision, 8 Mar, The Guardian 
  11. The women helping Hollywood shoot safer sex scenes, 7 Mar, BBC News 
  12. Sydney is pledging to become safer for women - and it will boost the night time economy, 6 Mar, SBS News 
  13. Workplace sexual harassment 'prevalent and pervasive' because laws have not kept up, report finds, 5 Mar, ABC News 
  14. Family films had as many women in lead roles as men for the first time, new study finds, 5 Mar, CNN

Audio Bonus: Where are the women?, 5 Mar, Asia and the Pacific Policy Society: Policy Forum.  This episode features Sharon Bell, Sophia Hamblin Wang, Caitlin Figueiredo, Julie Hare, and Sue Regan.

Crowdsource bonus: What happened to Lucy on a Tinder date was chilling. It's time to investigate dating apps, 10 Mar, ABC: Triple J: Hack 

Visit the 2020 IWD Bonus Articles page for a shortlist of some of the stories around International Women's Day that we were reading this year.

2020 March: Week 1

  1. Harassment report a rare chance for workplace justice, 6 Mar, Canberra Times
  2. Almost 90% of men/women globally are biased against women, 5 Mar, United Nations Development Programme: News
  3. Elite boys’ schools like St Kevin’s were set up to breed hyper-masculinity, which can easily turn toxic, 4 Mar, The Conversation 
  4. NSW records an 'unacceptably high number' of domestic violence assaults, 4 Mar, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  5. Maybe next time, ladies, 4 Mar, The New York Times 
  6. Nova Peris speaks candidly on Q+A about life in politics and the ongoing fight for Indigenous Australians, 3 Mar, ABC News 
  7. Irish women win Pritzker prize, architecture's highest honour, 3 Mar, The Guardian 
  8. Just 24% of news sources are women. Here’s why that's a problem, 2 Mar, World Economic Forum 
  9. I was the first woman of color in space. Here’s what Katherine Johnson means to me., 29 Feb, The New York Times 
  10. Queensland women earn $270 less a week than men despite asking for raises, 28 Feb, The Brisbane Times 
  11. Women and politics: The uphill battle for the top job, 28 Feb, Ms. Magazine 
  12. 'Unacceptable': Harassment compensation claims rising and affecting more women, 28 Feb, The Brisbane Times 
  13. Thousands of women are trapped in Lebanon. They risk jail time to leave, n.d. Feb, CNN

Audio bonus:  Deborah Frances-White on women and guilt, 4 March, A podcast of one's own with Julia Gillard

Interactive graphic: Women’s unpaid labor is worth $10,900,000,000,000, 5 Mar, The New York Times 

Photographic bonus: This is Gender photography competition – in pictures, 2 Mar, The Guardian