February 2018

2018 February: Week 4

  1. Do women represent women?, 21 Feb, International Politics and Society Journal
  2. The 120 employers that received the gender equality approval stamp, 21 Feb, Women’s Agenda 
  3. 2018 leaders in workplace gender equality announced, 20 Feb, Workplace Gender Equality Agency
  4. 'Equality won't happen by itself': how Iceland got tough on gender pay gap, 20 Feb, The Guardian (Australia)
  5. FlexCareers is changing workplace attitudes, 20 Feb, News.com.au
  6. Government senator Linda Reynolds calls for debate on mixed-gender teams in Australia's elite sports, 20 Feb, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  7. The Glass Ceiling Index: Where are the best & worst places to be a working woman?, 19 Feb, Women’s Agenda 
  8. Barnaby Joyce affair shows how when men make abysmal choices, women pay the price, 16 Feb, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  9. The glass-ceiling index, 15 Feb, The Economist  

2018 February: Week 3

  1. Q&A panellists weighs in on the Me Too movement, Barnaby Joyce affair, 16 Feb, News.com
  2. #MeToo must not turn into 'trial by twitter; Q&A special hears,16 Feb, The Guardian (Australia) 
  3. Women are being left behind in-spite of UN pledge, 14 Feb, IDN
  4. House rules set to change after baby breaches 19th century prohibition on 'strangers', 14 Feb, ABC News 
  5. The trouble with the minister promoting shared parental leave…who can’t access shared parental leave, 14 Feb, Women's Agenda
  6. The gender gap in retirement savings isn't just about super, 13 Feb, The Guardian (Australia)
  7. Her Moments Matter: UNESCO Calls for Fairer Media Coverage of Sportswomen, 13 Feb, Dia Mundal Radio
  8. Gender equality: Harnessing communication for public awareness, 13 Feb, Olympic Games News 
  9. 'Masculine culture' and micro barriers still major issues for women, 12 Feb, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  10. The motherhood penalty is still deeply entrenched ... even in Denmark, 10 Feb, The Sydney Morning Herald
  11. If Only Quoting Women Were Enough, 9 Feb, The New York Times 

2018 February: Week 2

  1. National Press Club: Irene Natividad, 7 Feb, ABC News 
  2. Labor spotlights gender pay gap, 7 Feb, SBS News
  3. Revealed: what sexism in call centres can teach us about sexism in society, 7 Feb, The Conversation
  4. Amid #MeToo backlash, Lean In's Sheryl Sandberg launches #MentorHer campaign, 6 Feb, Forbes 
  5. The IOC takes historic step forward to advance gender equality following executive board approval of bold recommendations, 6 Feb, Olympic.org
  6. Will women be equal to men in 100 years? The panel verdict, 6 Feb, The Guardian (Australian Edition)
  7. Pay Disparity Between Men and Women Even Exists in the Gig Economy, 6 Feb, Fortune.com
  8. Mothers working part-time hit hard by gender pay gap, study shows, 5 Feb, The Guardian (Australian Edition)
  9. What We Talk About When We Talk About Pay Inequity, 3 Feb, The New York Times 

2018 February: Week 1 

  1. Female employees demand back pay and apology from BBC, 30 Jan, The Guardian (Australian Edition)
  2. 4 career takeaways from the WEF 2018 Annual Meeting in Davos, 30 Jan, Silicon Republic 
  3. Airline CEO Johan Lundgren takes pay cut for gender equality, 30 Jan, News.com.au 
  4. Men taking salary cuts doesn’t solve the pay gap, 30 Jan, Women’s Agenda 
  5. Beware the #MeToo Backlash—It Masks Ugly Lies About Women, 29 Jan, Human Rights Watch
  6. These are the big lies about women’s economic security: Are you angry yet?, 29 Jan, Women's Agenda
  7. ‘Pretty shit when no-one’s turned up yet’: Charlotte Caslick’s one criticism of Sydney Sevens, 29 Jan, News.com.au
  8. Women often deliver the best scoops, so why are there still so few in the top jobs?, 28 Jan, iNews

  9. New Report Shows Major Lack of Representation by Women in the Music Industry, 25 Jan, Billboard 
  10. Eye of the beholder? Art buyers discount female artists, 22 Jan, UTS Newsroom