February 2020

2020 February: Week 4

  1. You believe he's lying? The latest debate captured Americans' exhausting tendency to mistrust women, 26 Feb 2020, The Cut
  2. Gender diversity in science media still has a long way to go. Here’s a 5-step plan to move it along, 26 Feb, The Conversation 
  3. Young women won’t be told how to behave, but is #girlboss just deportment by another name?, 26 Feb, The Conversation
  4. UN human rights chief warns of women’s rights complacency, 25 Feb, UN News 
  5. Weinstein verdict is ultimately an unsatisfactory victory, 25 Feb, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  6. 'Be a lady they said' video narrated by Cynthia Nixon is powerful and real, 25 Feb, Huffington Post 
  7. Indian women protest new citizenship laws, joining a global ‘fourth wave’ feminist movement, 25 Feb, The Conversation 
  8. Forging a new pathway to progress gender equality in Australia, 25 Feb, The Mandarin 
  9. Tradwives have been labelled 'subservient', but these women reject suggestions they're oppressed, 24 Feb, ABC News 
  10. Murder of Hannah Clarke and kids prompts 'incredible surge' in men seeking to stop domestic violence, 23 Feb, SBS News 
  11. Unpursued in the Top End, 20 Feb, ABC News 
  12. A year after Christchurch, Jacinda Ardern has the world's attention. How will she use it?, 20 Feb, TIME Magazine 
  13. Gender parity at music festivals? It's complicated, says Splendour boss, 19 Feb, The Sydney Morning Herald 

Paywall Bonus: Julia Gillard: The prime of her life, 22 Feb, The Australian 

Audio Bonus: Episode 1: Paid Parental Leave - Who cares?, 26 Feb, Women are the Business (University of Melbourne) 

2020 February: Week 3

  1. How to stop men killing their wives and children, 21 Feb, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  2. Elizabeth Warren, criticizing Bloomberg, sent a message: She won’t be ignored, 19 Feb, The New York Times 
  3. Weinstein trial begs a question: Why is the pain of women and minorities often ignored?, 20 Feb, The Conversation 
  4. Government delivering “outcomes” for women? Not so much., 19 Feb, Women's Agenda 
  5. Ted Cruz criticizes vasectomy bill, exposing his hypocrisy on reproduction rights, 18 Feb, The Guardian 
  6. India's top court orders equal roles for women in army, 18 Feb, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  7. Female sporting role models are more visible than ever, and it's making a difference, 17 Feb, ABC News 
  8. This is how thousands of Chinese women defied the one-child policy to give birth twice, 17 Feb, ABC News 
  9. Women's Equality party candidate pulls out of London mayoral race, 17 Feb, The Guardian 
  10. ‘I look at the clock… it’s 3am’: Why can’t women sleep?, 16 Feb, The Guardian 
  11. AFLW powerbrokers call for end to comparisons with men’s game ahead of historic first women’s western derby, 15 Feb, The West Australian 
  12. Fighting the tyranny of ‘niceness’: why we need difficult women, 15 Feb, The Guardian 
  13. If you want a marriage of equals, then date as equals, 14 Feb, The Atlantic 

Paywall bonus: When it comes to politics, old men still defeat young women, 20 Feb, The Canberra Times 

2020 February: Week 2

  1. Natalie Portman spoke out at the Oscars — but the diversity problem isn't just in Hollywood, 13 Feb, ABC News 
  2. J.Lo’s body: Distressing or inspiring for mid-life women?, 13 Feb, The Conversation
  3. The women, peace and security update, 12 Feb, Australian Strategic Policy Institute: The Strategist 
  4. Women CEOs negotiate better severance than men — for all the wrong reasons, 11 Feb, The Conversation
  5. Young men embrace gender equality, but they still don’t vacuum, 11 Feb, The New York Times 
  6. ‘Death by a thousand cuts’: women of colour in science face a subtly hostile work environment, 11 Feb, The Conversation 
  7. Five questions on gender equality in foreign policy: Natasha Stott Despoja, 10 Feb, Council on Foreign Relations (Blog) 
  8. How these female athletes are changing the sound of sports commentary, 10 Feb, ABC News 
  9. AFLW's free games without tickets are proving to be a surprising problem for fans, 10 Feb, ABC News 
  10. 'Having to ask for somewhere to live, it's difficult indeed': Single, female, homeless. Australia's shameful crisis, 8 Feb, The Age 
  11. Government's $150 million female sports program funnelled into swimming pools for marginal Coalition seats, 8 Feb, ABC News 
  12. Women less inclined to self-promote than men, even for a job, 7 Feb, Harvard Gazette 
  13. The eco gender gap: why is saving the planet seen as women’s work?, 6 Feb, The Guardian
  14. Birds of Prey proves the feminist revolution in franchise films is going to be an uphill battle, 6 Feb, TIME 

Audio Bonus: The woman defending Weinstein, 7 Feb, The New York Times 

Paywall Bonus: The 'elephant in the room' for executive women, 11 Feb, Australian Financial Review 

2020 February: Week 1

  1. Female Genital Mutilation hurts women and economies, 6 Feb, World Health Organization 
  2. Female High Court judges 'far more likely' to be interrupted than male peers: study, 5 Feb, The Sydney Morning Herald 

  3. More women on government boards in 2019 than ever before, 5 Feb, The Mandarin

  4. ‘Why isn’t this a national crisis’: Report calls for action on Indigenous women's deaths, 5 Feb, SBS: NITV News 

  5. Feminist economics: the obstacles US women face under capitalism, 5 Feb, The Guardian 
  6. These 8 countries have perfect scores for women's rights at work, 4 Feb, World Economic Forum 

  7. No time for empty promises on women’s rights, 4 Feb, Oxfam America (Blog)

  8. This is how many women have been nominated for best director in the Oscars’ entire history, 3 Feb, World Economic Forum

  9. Abbott's dystopian hierarchy of wombs: at least he's sparked a debate we need to have, 2 Feb, The Sydney Morning Herald  
  10. ‘Angels’ in Hell: The culture of misogyny inside Victoria’s Secret, 1 Feb, The New York Times 

  11. In a long history of sexist ads and outrage, it’s the apology that’s new, 1 Feb, The New York Times 

  12. Sports grants: Coalition rejected 12 grant applications for female change rooms at local sport grounds, 31 Jan, The Guardian 

Paywall Bonus: The presence of good data, well applied, is key to improving violence prevention efforts. Here are five ways cities are using data and tech to curb violence, 3 Feb, The Mandarin (Premium) 

Paywall (Newsletter) Bonus: APS restructure has already produced one notable outcome, 5 Feb, The Canberra Times