October 2019

2019 October: Week 5

  1. 'We've lost momentum': Listed companies urged to do more on gender diversity, 31 Oct, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  2. Newly listed companies fail in gender stakes, 31 Oct, The Australian Financial Review 
  3. Women artists win parity but report shows there's still work to do, 30 Oct, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  4. Nearly half of young retail workers report being sexually harassed, on average, seven times a year, 29 Oct, ABC News
  5. Screen Australia celebrates its work in gender equality but things are far from equal, 29 Oct, The Conversation 
  6. More than half of Canberra women experience sexism and don't feel safe at night, 29 Oct, The Canberra Times
  7. Two thirds of working parents 'struggle to care for their own health', 29 Oct, The Age
  8. ‘Real change’ involving women in peace and security, still too slow, Guterres tells Security Council, 29 Oct, UN News
  9. For Indigenous women, the #MeToo movement is a deeper fight against racism, power and oppression, 28 Oct, The Conversation 
  10. Female magistrates reach historic high in NSW, 28 Oct, The Age
  11. Harvey Weinstein was a sacrificial lamb for misogyny. And now he's back, 26 Oct, The Guardian
  12. "You cannot set and forget": CEO advice on gender equality strategy, 25 Oct, Workplace Gender Equality Agency: Newsroom

Audio Bonus: Tax rules on childcare subsidy keeps working mums at home; KPMG urges reform, 30 Oct, ABC Radio: AM 

Long Read Bonus: Can feminism be saved from identity politics?, 28 Oct 2019, ABC Religion and Ethics

2019 October: Week 4

  1. ABS dumped census test forms with new sexuality questions after input from minister's office, 24 Oct, The Guardian
  2. Risky business: how our ‘macho’ construction culture is killing tradies, 24 Oct, The Conversation
  3. There's a reason St Kevin's College boys started a sexist chant: society is geared against women, 24 Oct, ABC News
  4. #MeToo founder says Australia's defamation laws silence victims, 23 Oct, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  5. 'It's not easy being a young woman these days': Levels of anxiety higher among young women than seniors, 23 Oct, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  6. Victoria's construction industry receives half a million to help women enter the industry, 22 Oct, ABC News 
  7. Women are missing at central banks, 22 Oct, The New York Times 
  8. Why not to be sucked in by the 'confidence industrial complex', 21 Oct, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  9. Science prizes are still a boys’ club. Here’s how we can change that, 21 Oct, The Conversation 
  10. This Christian women's organisation has been pushing for change from the start, 19 Oct, ABC News 
  11. Why NASA’s first all-women spacewalk made history, 18 Oct, The New York Times 
  12. New research shows women are a lot more fearful about the future of Australia than men, 18 Oct, Women's Agenda 

Paywall Bonus: AFR's 11 most influential women revealed, 22 Oct, Australian Financial Review 

Video Bonus: How the media is sexist towards women political leaders (Blair Williams), 21 Oct, TEDxMacquarieUniversity

2019 October: Week 3

  1. Labor, the men who run it and their 'female worker bees', 17 Oct, The Sydney Morning Herald
  2. 'Homogenous groupthink': Labor women slam election strategy set by 'Anglo men', 17 Oct, Sydney Morning Herald
  3. Why white married women are more likely to vote for conservative parties, 17 Oct, The Conversation
  4. BBC 100 Women 2019: Who is on the list this year?, 16 Oct, BBC News 
  5. The 'Global Gender Gap' laid bare, 16 Oct, The Human Resources Director Magazine 
  6. LittleBigPlanet creator on championing women in the games industry post Gamergate, 15 Oct, The Guardian 
  7. New LeanIn Study: The Broken Rung keeping women from management, 15 Oct, Forbes 
  8. The Visible Farmer initiative showcasing power of women in agriculture, 15 Oct, Womens Agenda 
  9. The best and worst countries to be a woman, 15 Oct, National Geographic 
  10. #MeToo movement’s second anniversary, 14 Oct, Human Rights Watch 
  11. Essential poll: young men least likely to identify abusive domestic behaviour, 12 Oct, The Guardian 
  12. Racists are recruiting. Watch your white sons., 12 Oct, The New York Times 
  13. Women and girls have come a long way, but not nearly far enough, 12 Oct, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  14. Australia makes big strides in closing gender gap, global survey finds, 11 Oct, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  15. Once, most famous scientists were men. But that’s changing., Women of Impact: November 2019 Special, National Geographic 

Video Bonus: Parliamentarians help young women to "take over parliament" for a day, 14 Oct, News.com.au 

Paywall Bonus: Portrait in Parliament House reveals Nova Peris in her ‘entirety’, 16 Oct, The Australian

2019 October: Week 2

  1. Elizabeth Warren isn’t alone: Millions of women have experienced pregnancy discrimination, 10 Oct, Women's Agenda 
  2. Grassroots women won’t be left behind in reducing disaster risks, 10 Oct, Women's Agenda 
  3. Transgender activist lashes Scott Morrison over 'gender whisperers' comment, 9 Oct, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  4. Men exaggerate their importance at work, while women do the exact opposite, 8 Oct, Market Watch 
  5. How women’s life-long experiences of being judged by their appearance affect how they feel in open-plan offices, 8 Oct, The Conversation  
  6. Mayor agrees to apologise for introducing MP Emma Kealy as 'best-looking politician in Victoria', 7 Oct, ABC News 
  7. Untie those white ribbons and get men on board for equality, 7 Oct, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  8. NSW Fire and Rescue investigating sexual harassment, bullying claims at Dungog Fire Station, 7 Oct, ABC News
  9. Australia is turning a blind eye to violence against Indigenous women, but we will not stay silent — our lives matter, 6 Oct, ABC News 
  10. Why is your women's event missing women of color?, 5 Oct, Forbes 
  11. Questions about sexual orientation and gender identity dumped from census, 5 Oct, The Guardian
  12. The untold stories of family violence, 5 Oct, The Saturday Paper 
  13. How to get more women to run for office—and win, 4 Oct, Harvard Business Review 

Audio Bonus: Diversity Council responds to Ita Buttrose critique on political correctness, 7 Oct, ABC Radio National: Drive

2019 October: Week 1

  1. Melinda Gates just promised to put $1 billion towards gender equality over the next 10 years, and she says she has 3 priorities she wants to focus on, 3 Oct, Business Insider: Australia 
  2. White Ribbon Australia closes its doors, 3 Oct, ABC News
  3. Attack of the clones: Australia's reign by older white men is an offence on us all, 2 Oct, The Guardian
  4. Why are so few women inventors named on patents?, 2 Oct, BBC News 
  5. Geena Davis: damaging stereotypes on screen limit women's aspirations, 1 Oct, The Guardian
  6. I’m a First Lady, and it’s an incredibly weird job, 1 Oct, The New York Times 

  7. 'Based in hatred': violence against women standing in Colombia's elections, 1 Oct, The Guardian

  8. Misogyny, male rage and the words men use to describe Greta Thunberg, 30 Sept, The Conversation 

  9. Economics is still a man's world, at great social cost, 30 Sept, Forbes 

  10. Women in medical leadership: The glass ceiling is alive and well, 30 Sept, Monash University: Lens 

  11. Safe space: the new cinema welcoming women in male-dominated Kabul, 30 Sept, The Guardian
  12. 'Abuse is virtually constant': female MPs speak about the threats they face, The Guardian 

  13. Women, Power and Influence: Gender equality is within our reach, September Cover Story, Harvard Business Review