September 2019

2019 September 2019: Week 4

  1. Women-owned businesses: the US economy's quiet success story, 26 Sept, The Guardian
  2. Still serving guests while your male relatives relax? Everyday sexism like this hurts women’s mental health, 26 Sept, The Conversation 
  3. Abortion decriminalised in NSW after marathon debate, 26 Sept, The Guardian 
  4. Afghan women fear mandatory poll photos could stop them from voting, 26 Sept, Reuters 
  5. 'A doll for everyone': Meet Mattel's gender-neutral doll, 25 Sept, TIME
  6. Teenage girls are leading the climate movement — and getting attacked for it, 25 Sept, BuzzFeed
  7. South Korea's young men are fighting against feminism, 24 Sept, CNN
  8. The 25 most powerful women in politics, 24 Sept, Fortune 
  9. Among U.S. couples, women do more cooking and grocery shopping than men, 24 Sept, Pew Research
  10. Women are much more likely to make lifestyle changes to benefit the earth, Triple J survey finds, 23 Sept, ABC Triple J: Hack
  11. Vote for the woman because she’s a woman, 22 Sept, TIME
  12. Geena Davis tech tool totes up female parity on children's programming, 20 Sept, Huffington Post 

2019 September 2019: Week 3

  1. 'Underpaid and undervalued': 10 women claim systemic discrimination at Disney, 19 Sept, The Guardian 
  2. Former Family Court chief judge labels Hanson's comments 'appalling', 18 Sept, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  3. Depicting blood during Libra commercial does not breach ethics code, watchdog rules, 18 Sept, ABC News 
  4. Time to end 'fundamental bias' against women's sport: Virginia Haussegger, 18 Sept, The Canberra Times 
  5. A new wave of caregivers: Men, 18 Sept, The New York Times 
  6. Closing the gender gap: Book reviews women can count on, 18 Sept, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  7. Gender inequality is one of the most persistent evils of our times, 17 Sept, CNN
  8. Looking for talented politicians? Broaden your gaze, says Julia Gillard, 17 Sept, Women's Agenda 
  9. Female rangers 'blazing a trail' in fight to keep culture and country alive, 16 Sept, ABC News 
  10. Where are the women? A gender analysis of the APS Review, 17 Sept, The Mandarin 
  11. The Women’s World Cup: A forum for denouncing sexism or promoting gender diversity?, 16 Sept, The Conversation 
  12. Hollywood’s million dollar gender pay gap – revealed, 14 Sept, The Conversation 
  13. Marathon democratic debate includes no questions about women’s issues, 13 Sept, The New York Times 

Audio Bonus: Why Julia Gillard doesn't count the misogyny speech as part of her greatest achievements, 16 Sept, ABC Radio: Mornings (with Jon Faine) 

2019 September 2019: Week 2

  1. ‘Just the beginning': Global fund warns on Australia's gender gap, 11 Sept, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  2. Tayla Harris has been immortalised in bronze. It is a win for women's sport, 11 Sept, The Guardian
  3. Are voters biased against women candidates?, 11 Sept, BBC News 
  4. Australian dads are finally going woke — and it's about time, 11 Sept, ABC News 
  5. The ugly statistical truth about the lack of women leaders in Australia, 10 Sept, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  6. It's not women of 'merit' that are lacking, it's women fullstop, 10 Sept, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  7. Women have made many inroads in policing, but barriers remain to achieving gender equity, 9 Sept, The Conversation 
  8. Gender equality set to be achieved in the Senate for the first time, 9 Sept, ABC News 
  9. EU executive confirms gender balance in new Commission, 9 Sept, Reuters 
  10. Sorry, what?? Treasurer Josh Frydenberg says the gender pay gap is “closed”, 8 Sept, Women's Agenda 
  11. Why Australia's culture around work and parental leave is trapping fathers, 7 Sept, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  12. Humans are making biased algorithms that entrench discrimination — without even trying, 7 Sept, ABC News 
  13. Apple made Siri deflect questions on feminism, leaked papers reveal, 6 Sept, The Guardian 

Paywall Bonus: 2019 Women of Influence are champions of reinvention, 9 Sept, Australian Financial Review 

Audio Bonus: Gender balance push slips with CEO equality 80 years away, report warns, 10 Sept, ABC Radio: The World Today  

2019 September 2019: Week 1

  1. Domestic violence still at 'unprecedented' levels despite hundreds of millions being spent, 5 Sept, ABC News 
  2. Why must women leaders learn 'gender judo' to stay likeable at work?, 5 Sept, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  3. 'More suitable': Billionaire Uniqlo founder wants a woman to succeed him as CEO, 5 Sept, The Sydney Morning Herald 

  4. Pay gender gap a lost investment opportunity, 4 Sept, The Sydney Morning Herald 

  5. Feminism hasn’t sold out even if it’s being used as a marketing tool, 4 Sept, The Conversation

  6. What the Leigh Sales kissing incident tells us about outdated etiquette, 3 Sept, SBS News 
  7. Of course Iran has 'girl gamers', but they face unique barriers, 2 Sept, Al Jazeera 
  8. Why don't doctors trust women? Because they don't know much about us, 1 Sept, The Guardian

  9. The Gillibrand test case for women in politics, 1 Sept, The New York Times 

  10. Employers should set targets for men in flexible work & help dads manage the juggle: Libby Lyons, 31 Aug, Women's Agenda 

  11. Rape is not 'sex', and 'broken hearts' don't cause murder. Women are dying – and language matters, 31 Aug, The Guardian

  12. An Australian university is prioritizing women applicants to address a gender disparity in certain fields, 30 Aug, CNN