August 2019

2019 August: Week 5

  1. Scott Morrison vows to 'sort out' gender-inclusive toilet sign posted at his department, 29 Aug, ABC News
  2. Trans birth certificate campaign turns to other states after Victoria passes reform, 28 Aug, The Guardian
  3. Is the games industry getting its #MeToo movement?, 28 Aug, Forbes
  4. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a hero to women. A future without her is a chilling prospect, 28 Aug, The Guardian

  5. A culture that devalues & excludes: Damning study shows why women are leaving STEM, 28 Aug, Women's Agenda
  6. How social inclusion could boost Australia's economy by $12.7 billion a year, 28 Aug, SBS News
  7. The G7 was the final straw – world leaders’ wives should refuse to travel with their spouses, 28 Aug, The Guardian
  8. Why do professors who are women publish less research than men? Here’s what we found., 27 Aug, The Washington Post
  9. This government wants to blame ‘choices’ over discrimination. That won’t close the gender pay gap., 27 Aug, Women's Agenda
  10. These figures show just how much working life has changed for women, 26 Aug, The Guardian
  11. The female farmers taking a stand to change the face of Australian agriculture, 24 Aug, ABC News
  12. Arab women are tired of talking about just "Women's Issues", 24 Aug, The Atlantic
  13. Australian society is obsessed with masculinity – and it’s making me tired, 23 Aug, The Guardian

Paywall Bonus: Lion bans salary questions for job applicants, 26 Aug, Australian Financial Review

Video Bonus: Push for gender equality in politics as more women seeking to run for office, 23 Aug, Sky News

2019 August: Week 4

  1. New Zealand parliamentary Speaker cradles and feeds MP's baby during debate, 22 Aug, ABC News
  2. Every G7 country should have a feminist foreign policy, 22 Aug, The Guardian 
  3. A new poll shows what really interests 'pro-lifers': controlling women, 22 Aug, The Guardian
  4. Gender pay gap: discrimination found to be most significant contributor to inequality, 21 Aug, The Guardian 
  5. More female stories? Screen Australia is making strides, 21 Aug, Women's Agenda 
  6. Why Women Quit, 21 Aug, Forbes 
  7. Tough lives and hidden shame: preparing for the Canberra Writers Festival, 20 Aug, The Canberra Times 
  8. Women artists take to the streets to rattle 'boys' club' with big, bold statements, 20 Aug, ABC News 
  9. Praise for female aid workers rings hollow when harassment is pervasive, 18 Aug, The Guardian 
  10. Women are fleeing death at home. The U.S. wants to keep them out., 18 Aug, The New York Times 
  11. Menstrual leave the new 'woke' workplace right, 18 Aug, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  12. How women can escape the likability trap, 16 Aug, The New York Times 
  13. Alan Jones’ tirade against Jacinda Ardern was more than just words, 16 Aug, SBS News 
  14. Only big moves will speed up the end of the unjust gender pay gap, 16 Aug, The Sydney Morning Herald  

Audio BonusWomen's Rugby World Cup renamed for gender neutrality, 22 Aug, ABC Radio: The World Today

2019 August: Week 3

  1. Scott Morrison condemns Alan Jones's call to 'shove sock down throat' of Jacinda Ardern, 15 Aug, The Guardian
  2. Her name is Michaela Dunn, the ‘incredible’ young woman who died in Sydney CBD stabbing, 15 Aug, Women's Agenda 
  3. Australia's gender pay gap still 14%, with men earning $240 more a week than women, 15 Aug, The Guardian
  4. Julie Bishop slams 'gender deafness' and 'misogyny' in politics, 14 Aug, SBS News 
  5. Women aren’t better multitaskers than men – they’re just doing more work, 14 Aug, The Conversation 
  6. The nightmare that’s been waiting to hit Australian women, 13 Aug, The Sydney Morning Herald
  7. Meet three of Tasmania's female Aboriginal elders, 13 Aug, ABC News 
  8. It's time we got off the Lolita Express, 13 Aug, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  9. Why Trump fears women of color, 13 Aug, The New York Times 
  10. Stop asking if women are electable, 12 Aug, Ms Magazine 
  11. Why women are more likely to have dodgy hip implants or other medical devices, 12 Aug, The Conversation 
  12. Violence against women to stay 'static' until gender roles change, says COAG plan, 10 Aug, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  13. Women are finally seen as equals at work, not before time, 9 Aug, The Brisbane Times 

Audio Bonus: Sydney theatre ensemble to achieve gender parity in writing, directing, 9 Aug, ABC Radio: PM

Audio Bonus: active CEO podcast #50 Major General Cheryl Pearce leading from the Front Lines, 9 Aug, NRG 2 Perform: Blog 

2019 August: Week 2

  1. El Paso: we need to examine the role masculinity plays in mass shootings, 8 Aug, The Conversation
  2. A new Australian database of scientific experts is made up entirely of women, 8 Aug, SBS News  
  3. Bill to decriminalise abortion passes NSW Lower House, 8 Aug, ABC News 
  4. New Zealand legal abortion bill passes first read, 8 Aug, SBS News 
  5. To learn about the far right, start with the ‘Manosphere’, 7 Aug, The Atlantic 
  6. Cricket Australia launches transgender and gender diversity policy, 7 Aug, The Sydney Morning Herald  
  7. Financial equality, more than a generation away, 6 Aug, Financy 
  8. Men are avoiding reusable shopping bags so they won't look gay, 6 Aug, SBS News
  9. 'Putrid': Sex discrimination in air traffic control could endanger lives, says report, 6 Aug, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  10. Why a code of conduct may not be enough to change the boys' club culture in the Liberal Party, 6 Aug, The Conversation 
  11. Boxed in: the fragility of men, 2 Aug, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  12. Why is it so hard for men to link their personal behaviour to gender inequality?, 2 Aug, ABC News 
  13. Saudi Arabia extends new rights to women in blow to oppressive system, 2 Aug, The New York Times 

Audio Bonus: Judge me on my abilities, not my gender: Cyprus mission Force Commander on being part of first all-female leadership team, UN News

2019 August: Week 1

  1. Julie Bishop to become first female chancellor at ANU, 1 Aug, The Canberra Times 
  2. #NoMarriage movement sees South Korean women reject Government pressures to marry and have kids, 1 Aug, ABC News
  3. The US men’s soccer team steps up as allies in the fight for equal pay, 1 Aug, Quartz
  4. A ‘quiet crisis’: A healthier brand of masculinity is a win for everyone, 1 Aug, SBS News
  5. Tasmanian Speaker Sue Hickey blasts 'political correctness' after MP complains over 'unladylike' comment, 31 Jul, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  6. 'I've changed my mind': Kathryn Greiner calls for Liberal Party quotas, 31 Jul, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  7. The double standards women face at work every day, 31 Jul, ABC News 
  8. Over 50% of young Australian adults still live with their parents – and the numbers are climbing faster for women, 30 Jul, The Conversation 
  9. HILDA findings on Australian families’ experience of childcare should be a call-to-arms for government, 30 Jul, The Conversation 
  10. Superannuation fears are causing young women to rethink having children, 30 Jul, ABC News 
  11. They’re mad as hell, 29 Jul, The New York Times 
  12. Australian researchers join global movement to improve visibility of women in STEM, 26 Jul, ABC News 
  13. Boris Johnson and Donald Trump are peak white male privilege, 26 Jul, Huffington Post

Audio Bonus: Rise in work-family conflict and more women at work: HILDA survey, 30 Jul, ABC News: RN Breakfast