May 2019

2019 May: Week 5

  1. South Africa gets gender-balanced cabinet, 31 May, BBC News
  2. Labor's first casualties in defeat are its women, 30 May, Brisbane Times 
  3. Women sue F.B.I., claiming discrimination at training academy, 30 May, The New York Times
  4. List of world gender equality leaders ranges from top judge to former prisoners, 29 May, Thomas Reuters Foundation
  5. Female military peacekeepers left feeling overwhelmed after inadequate training, 29 May, The Conversation
  6. Australian dads’ working lives (still) don’t change when a baby arrives, 29 May, Women's Agenda 
  7. Gender inequality harms not only women and girls, but also men and boys, 28 May, Forbes 
  8. 'Enough is enough': Courtney Herron is the 20th woman to be killed in Australia this year, 28 May, SBS News 
  9. Let’s make it mandatory to teach respectful relationships in every Australian school, 28 May, The Conversation
  10. An open letter to Marise Payne, our new Minister for Women, 27 May, Women's Agenda 
  11. Equality? Cannes still doesn't get it, 25 May, The Sydney Morning Herald  
  12. Independent report: Our Watch driving real change on violence against women, 24 May, Our Watch: News

2019 May: Week 4

  1. Gender diversity in the new Parliament ... status quo-low, 23 May, The Sydney Morning Herald 

  2. How do young Australians see violence against women?, 22 May, The University of Melbourne: The Pursuit 
  3. With potential to boost profits by up to 20 per cent, a woman’s place is at work, says UN labour agency, 22 May, United Nations: News 
  4. Siri and Alexa fuel sexism, U.N. Finds, 22 May, The New York Times 
  5. ‘Battle of the Thermostat’: Cold rooms may hurt women’s productivity, 22 May, The New York Times 
  6. Queensland paper backtracks after using violent imagery to depict Annastacia Palaszczuk, 21 May, The Conversation 
  7. Women in politics need visibility and voice not just votes, 21 May, Women's Agenda 
  8. Jane Caro: If I was Tanya Plibersek, 21 May, The Big Smoke 
  9. Tanya Plibersek won't contest the Labor leadership, so what went wrong?, 21 May, ABC News 
  10. Trans women are victims of misogyny, too – and all feminists must recognize this, 19 May, The Guardian
  11. It shouldn’t be left to women to fight alone for abortion rights, 18 May, The Guardian 
  12. Bob Hawke's legacy for women in Australia, 17 May, Anne Summers 

Audio Bonus: Why don't we have more women in politics?, 23 May, ABC: Mornings

2019 May: Week 3

  1. 'Women of Australia, be grateful for what Bob Hawke did': Susan Ryan, Labor's first female minister, 16 May, The Guardian
  2. 2019 election: Why politics is toxic for Australia’s women, 15 May, BBC News 
  3. BBC claims success in efforts to improve on-air gender balance, 15 May, The Guardian 
  4. In abortion fight, 2020 female candidates lead call to arms, 15 May, The New York Times 
  5. Labor promises APS gender-blind recruiting, 14 May, The Mandarin
  6. Fashion has shockingly few female CEOs, 14 May, Quartz: Quartz at work
  7. What would be good for mothers is closing the pay gap faster, 12 May, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  8. Women's jobs, not quotas, in PM's sights, 11 May, The Canberra Times  
  9. Need female board members? Chile's Government has a list for you, 11 May, Bloomberg 
  10. The socio-economic struggle of women isn’t a distant past. It’s now. It’s us, 10 May, The Guardian 
  11. White, male, named Andrew? You've got a good chance to become a CEO, 10 May, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  12. Mothers in congress, 10 May, The New York Times 
  13. Business Trailblazers: 9 formidable women leading the way, 9 May, CEO Magazine

Paywall Bonus: More women in Canberra would be good for us all, 10 May, The Australian 

2019 May: Week 2

  1. Gender pay gap must be closed with force, 9 May, The Australian
  2. Hordes of women, like Bill Shorten's mum, had to delay a dream, 8 May, The Guardian
  3. Grammy Awards name first female President, 8 May, The New York Times
  4. Most poor people in the world are women. Australia is no exception, 7 May, The Guardian
  5. What are my sons to make of the awful sexism aired in this campaign?, 7 May, The Sydney Morning Herald
  6. Resurgent 'family values' cause nations to break women's rights vows: U.N. official, 7 May, Reuters
  7. Are women really better than men at handling the work life juggle?, 7 May, Women's Agenda
  8. Another barrier for women in politics: Violence, 6 May, The Conversation
  9. Why Labor’s childcare policy is the biggest economic news of the election campaign, 6 May, The Conversation
  10. Statement by UN Women on discrimination against female athletes, 5 May, UN Women
  11. Nats could look at gender equality target, 4 May, SBS News
  12. Thirty-five voices, one movement: a new book examines #MeToo in Australia, 29 Apr, The Conversation

Paywall Bonus: ACSI pushes for gender equality on boards, 5 May, Australian Financial Review

2019 May: Week 1

  1. Note to the Liberal Party’s Sachin Joshi: Here’s why medicine’s gender pay gap ACTUALLY exists, 2 May, Women's Agenda 
  2. Federal election: Australian women want action on these three issues – but men not quite so sure, 1 May, ABC News
  3. Tarana Burke and Tracey Spicer win Sydney Peace prize for #MeToo work, 1 May, The Guardian
  4. 'No sex without fighting' - tackling toxic masculinity in DR Congo, 1 May, BBC News
  5. More women are running for office, but will that mean more equality?, 30 Apr, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  6. Majority of voters want action on women's issues, new polling shows, 30 Apr, Brisbane Times 
  7. What sex industry workers think of One Nation's Steve Dickson 'strip club scandal', 30 Apr, ABC News 
  8. As a new Emperor is enthroned in Japan, his wife won’t be allowed to watch, 29 Apr, The New York Times 
  9. Afghan women demand seat at peace talks but face resistance, 29 Apr, Associated Press News 
  10. As PM retreats to manshed, bring on an arms race for the women's vote, 28 Apr, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  11. Women did everything right. Then work got ‘Greedy.’, 26 Apr, The New York Times 
  12. US Stance at UN a backward step on women’s rights, 25 Apr, Human Right's Watch 
  13. Saudi sisters urge Google and Apple to pull an 'inhuman' woman-tracking app, 25 Apr, TIME
  14. ANZAC Day: remembering when women held down the fort, 24 Apr, Workplace Gender Equality Agency 

Audio Bonus: Stott Despoja launches book on national emergency 'On Violence', 29 Apr, ABC News: Drive

Paywall Bonus: If you want female MPs, you have to vote for women, 26 Apr, Australian Financial Review