March 2019

2019 March: Week 4

  1. Is there an ‘impenetrable’ girls’ club in corporate Australia as Graeme Samuel says?, 28 Mar, Women's Agenda 
  2. How challenging masculine stereotypes is good for men, 28 Mar, The Conversation
  3. 3 in 4 men support gender equality in the workplace but most don’t act on it, 26 Mar, Women's Agenda 
  4. Leaders of Vatican women’s magazine quit, citing ‘climate of distrust’, 26 Mar, The New York Times 
  5. NASA cancels all-female spacewalk, citing lack of spacesuit in right size, 26 Mar, The Guardian
  6. Adventurous. Alone. Attacked., 25 Mar, The New York Times 
  7. Jacinda envy: why the days of a middle-aged white male leader could be over, 24 Mar, The Guardian
  8. The reason women were locked out of the budget, 23 Mar, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  9. Morrison's allies retain power in most-populous Australian State, 23 Mar, Bloomberg 
  10. UN commission agrees roadmap on ensuring women’s social protection, mobility, safety, and access to economic opportunities, 23 Mar, UN News
  11. All the “choices” that lead to women being paid less than men, 22 Mar, Quartz: Quartz at work
  12. Voting for Gladys Berejiklian is not a feminist act, 22 Mar, The Sydney Morning Herald  

Paywall Bonus: 'Girls' club' unleash on Graeme Samuel, 27 Mar, Australian Financial Review 

2019 March: Week 3

  1. (Another) UPDATE: Treasury gives TWO spots to women’s groups in budget lock up, 20 Mar, Women's Agenda 
  2. Female health workers drive global health, 20 Mar, World Health Organisation
  3. The pink tuk-tuks of Sri Lanka empowering and protecting women, 20 Mar, Al Jazeera
  4. I would choose Tayla Harris over sad men of the internet any day, 20 Mar, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  5. Australia’s performance on gender equality – are we fair dinkum?, 19 Mar, The Conversation 
  6. Better together: Increasing male engagement in gender equality efforts in Australia, 19 Mar, Bain & Company  
  7. Karen Uhlenbeck is first woman to win Abel prize for mathematics, 19 Mar, The New York Times 
  8. Jacinda Ardern just proved typically 'feminine' behaviour is powerful, 19 Mar, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  9. The share of women in legislatures around the world is growing, but they are still underrepresented, 18 Mar, Pew Research Center 
  10. Women in economics report rampant sexual assault and bias, 18 Mar, The New York Times 
  11. US accused of trying to dilute global agreements on women's rights, 18 Mar, The Guardian 
  12. Aboriginal women create mindfulness app in language, bringing outback meditation to the world, 17 Mar, ABC News 

Paywall bonus: Male bankers big winners from Hayne, 21 March, Australian Financial Review 

2019 March: Week 2

  1. Consider gender factor when choosing a super fund, 14 Mar, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  2. When ‘Captain Marvel’ Became a Target, the Rules Changed, 13 Mar, The New York Times 
  3. Her crime? Defending women’s rights in Iran, 13 Mar, The New York Times 

  4. Political power of women suffering ‘serious regression’, General Assembly President warns, 12 Mar, UN News
  5. What gets measured does (not necessarily) get managed, 12 Mar, Women's Agenda 
  6. Australia refuses to sign on to UN international women’s day statement, 12 Mar, SBS News 

  7. Q&A recap: industry minister urges men to 'be careful' in #MeToo era, 12 Mar, The Guardian

  8. The little-known experiment that shows quotas can change more than politics, 11 Mar, ABC News
  9. Malcolm Turnbull says Liberal party definitely has a women problem, 9 Mar, The Guardian 
  10. Most migrant women find more independence, rights in Australia: survey, 9 Mar, SBS News
  11. 2019 Liveability Index Reveals The Basic Human Rights Women Are Still Fighting For, 8 Mar, Forbes  

  12. One token woman ain't diversity: Shareholders to punish one-woman boards by voting against main men, 8 Mar, ABC News

Audio Bonus: Anne Summers on Mornings, 11 Mar, Mornings with Gareth Parker (6PR 882 News Talk)

Paywall Bonus: I thought we’d have gender parity by now: Stott Despoja, 9 Mar, The Australian

2019 March: Week 1

  1. Vital conversations: older women have their say about the challenges of life in a city like Melbourne, 7 Mar, The Conversation 
  2. Maintaining the public service’s momentum for gender equality, 6 Mar, The Mandarin 

  3. Premier says Julie Bishop's resignation should not have been about her shoes, 6 Mar, The Brisbane Times 

  4. Want trillions of dollars injected into the economy? Pay women the same as men, 6 Mar, Reuters

  5. Labor pledges to tie hospital funding to abortion services, 6 Mar, The Sydney Morning Herald 

  6. After Islamic State, women lead the way in a bold democratic experiment in Raqqa, 5 Mar, ABC News: Foreign Correspondent 

  7. Julie Bishop: when Tony Abbott was minister for women I knew we had 'some way to go', 5 Mar, The Guardian

  8. The fight for maternity rights in women’s sport is on and athletes are proving what can be done, 5 Mar, Women's Agenda

  9. #HerToo: call to protect female workers from workplace harassment, 4 Mar, The Sydney Morning Herald 

  10. Julia Gillard and Tanya Plibersek talk solidarity and sexism with Marie Claire, 2 Mar, Marie Claire 
  11. Only six countries in the world give women and men equal legal work rights, 2 Mar, The Guardian
  12. Women managers to wait 20 years for equal pay, 1 Mar, SBS News 

Audio Bonus: Women in 80-year wait for CEO parity with men, report warns, 1 Mar, ABC News