February 2019

2019 February: Week 4

  1. Who is new ABC chair Ita Buttrose and how did she get the top job?, 28 Feb, ABC News
  2. Rise of the 'strongman': Dozens of female world leaders warn women's rights being eroded, 28 Feb, The Guardian 
  3. ARLC rules for 'no-fault' standing down of players charged with serious offences, 28 Feb, The Guardian 
  4. The Catholic Church is headed for another sex abuse scandal as #NunsToo speak up, 27 Feb, SBS News
  5. Taking Back ‘Hysterical’, 26 Feb, The New York Times
  6. Explainer: what does ‘intersectionality’ mean?, 26 Feb, The Conversation
  7. Workers making clothes for Australian brands can’t afford to eat, Oxfam reports, 25 Feb, The Guardian
  8. Don't rant at Jordan Peterson – understand his appeal, then do better, 25 Feb, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  9. Meet the neuroscientist shattering the myth of the gendered brain, 24 Feb, The Guardian 
  10. Stop counting women, 23, Feb, The New York Times 
  11. The deadly truth about a world built for men – from stab vests to car crashes, 23 Feb, The Guardian
  12. Sold into sex slavery: The 'Angels' rescuing Nepalese women, 23 Feb, ABC News 
  13. Audio Bonus: Fixing Tech’s Gender Gap, 26 Feb, Harvard Business Review
  14. Paywall Bonus: Women deserve the right to be as useless as men, 26 Feb, Australian Financial Review 

2019 February: Week 3

  1. Julie Bishop to quit parliament at the election, 21 Feb, The Conversation 

  2. I’d like to share a few uncomfortable truths: Australia’s violent crisis, 21 Feb, The Guardian 
  3. The Prime Minister has not met with the Office for Women, 20 Feb, Women's Agenda 
  4. ‘A brutal business': Kelly O'Dwyer and Jenny Macklin bid farewell to Parliament, 20 Feb, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  5. Time’s Up a Year Later: Hollywood Women Test Their Clout, 20 Feb, The New York Times 
  6. Arab world's first female interior minister hails 'point of pride for women', 18 Feb, The Guardian 
  7. ‘I felt pressure to prove young women could succeed here’: Kate Ellis delivers final parliamentary speech, 18 Feb, Women's Agenda 
  8. Women from culturally diverse backgrounds less likely to report online domestic abuse, 17 Feb, SBS News 
  9. What women hear walking alone at night, 17 Feb, The Canberra Times 
  10. 'Appalling, extremely unsafe' motels pocket millions from homeless, family violence victims, 15 Feb, ABC News 
  11. A new study proves the need for both genders to talk about inequality, 15 Feb, Forbes 
  12. India: how #MeToo is battling gender-based violence, 15 Feb, The Conversation 

2019 February: Week 2

  1. Senate inquiry calls for new laws identifying dowry-related abuse as domestic violence, 14 Feb, ABC News 
  2. Politics, not just conservative political parties, has a “woman problem”, 14 Feb, Women's Agenda
  3. Women politicians in Africa face huge odds but can make a real difference, 13 Feb, The Conversation 
  4. Apple and Google Urged to Dump Saudi App That Lets Men Track Women, 13 Feb, The New York Times 
  5. Hollywood diversity has improved, study shows, 13 Feb, The Guardian 
  6. The secret history of women in coding, 13 Feb, The New York Times 
  7. Here’s what is being done to empower, promote and retain Australian women in science, 11 Feb, Women's Agenda 
  8. ‘A woman, just not that woman’: How sexism plays out on the trail, 11 Feb, The New York Times 
  9. Ceiling Smashers: The women who refused to take no for an answer, 11 Feb, The Advertiser 
  10. Coalition pledges $78 million for Australians fleeing domestic violence, 10 Feb, SBS News 
  11. How Elizabeth Broderick is taking soft-power feminism to the world, 9 Feb, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  12. We can't sit by and watch yet another election devoid of issues that matter to women, 8 Feb, ABC News 

2019 February: Week 1

  1. Conservative parties around the world have a problem — and women are losing patience, 7 Feb, ABC News 
  2. Bloody taboos: new emoji could help to end period 'shame', 7 Feb, Reuters
  3. The Music Industry Still Has A Long Way To Go For Gender Equality, 6 Feb, Forbes 

  4. Female genital mutilation: 53,000 Australians have had procedure, report estimates, 6 Feb, The Guardian 
  5. The rising voices of women in Pakistan, 6 Feb, National Geographic
  6. Walking home at night is not an act that should require courage: Violet Roumeliotis, 6 Feb, ABC News
  7. 'Traditional masculinity' and mental health: Experts call for gendered approach to treatment, 5 Feb, ABC News 

  8. The Women in White: Praise from Trump, and chants of ‘U.S.A.!’, 5 Feb, The New York Times 
  9. Three Indian-origin women scientists among Australia’s 60 ‘Superstars of STEM, 4 Feb, SBS News 
  10. Tracking the gender gap in Canadian media, 3 Feb, The Conversation (Canada)
  11. Japan’s Working Mothers: Record responsibilities, little help from dads, 2 Feb, The New York Times 
  12. Internet trolls are not who I thought — they're even scarier, 2 Feb, ABC News 
  13. Paywall Bonus: Drop the labels, abandon sub-text, forget the gender: it’s all sport, 7 Feb, The Australian