December 2018

2018 December: Week 3

  1. The most powerful moments that happened for women in 2018, 20 Dec, Women's Agenda 

  2. Retreat Australia Fair: we've slid backwards on gender-equality league table, 19 Dec, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  3. For Women, a year of stunning deeds and wrenching moments, 19 Dec, The New York Times 
  4. 'A Toxic Place for Women.' A new study reveals the scale of abuse on Twitter, 18 Dec, TIME
  5. Fifty shades of g'day: MP sexting scandal turns Australians off beloved greeting, 18 Dec, The Guardian

  6. Kelly O'Dwyer says Labor has 'catching up to do' on gender pay gap, 18 Dec, The Sydney Morning Herald 

  7. Having a second child worsens parents’ mental health: new research, 17 Dec, The Conversation 
  8. Using indicators to uncover ‘toxic’ workplace for women, 17 Dec, The Mandarin
  9. 'Government House has a ladies loo too': Morrison sticks with the past, 16 Dec, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  10. National Survey findings show that a toxic, sexist culture is still thriving in Australia, 15 Dec, The RiotACT
  11. Women don’t speak up over workplace harassment because no one hears them if they do,15 Dec, The Conversation 
  12. Quotas and the lie of meritocracy, 14 Dec, Forbes 
  13. Bonus Audio: Sex Discrimination Commissioner extends deadline for submissions to inquiry into sexual harassment, 18 Dec, ABC Radio National

2018 December: Week 2

  1. Ideas for shifting the status quo on the lack of cultural diversity in leadership, 13 Dec, Women's Agenda 
  2. Movies starring women earn more than male-led films, study finds, 11 Dec, The New York Times 
  3. Sydney theatre companies reach gender parity, 11 Dec, The Age 
  4. Women and girls less likely to be considered for 'brainy' tasks – study, 11 Dec, The Guardian
  5. Nobel Peace Prize winners prove survivor stories matter, 10 Dec, CNN
  6. Amnesty chief Q&A: Women's resilience is what world needs today, 10 Dec, Aljazeera
  7. Working to ensure the ‘Year of the Woman’ is more than just one year, 10 Dec, The New York Times 
  8. How do we really feel about women leaders?, 10 Dec, World Economic Forum 
  9. Australia's underemployment and gender pay gap worse than OECD average, 10 Dec, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  10. 'No world to leave our children’: progress on women's rights still lags, shows study, 8 Dec, The Guardian 
  11. Lesbians propositioned by men asking to 'convert them', 7 Dec, The Age
  12. The double juggle: how working parents manage school holidays and their jobs, 7 Dec, The Conversation

2018 December: Week 1

  1. Sexism sells and study finds more of it is affecting women's health, 6 Dec, The Sydney Morning Herald  
  2. It's never been a better time to be a woman in sport, if you don't mind the sexism, 6 Dec, ABC News 
  3. Most of New Zealand’s public service leaders are women, 5 Dec, The Mandarin 

  4. New awards, new ambassador: Australian women in STEM look to 2019, 5 Dec, The Conversation 
  5. Why men get a pay rise when women work, 5 Dec, The Sydney Morning Herald 

  6. Melinda Gates: The next Bill Gates won’t look like the last one, 4 Dec, Quartz 
  7. Michelle Obama on Sheryl Sandberg's 'lean in' strategy: 'That s--- doesn't work all the time', 4 Dec, Business Insider Australia
  8. Under His Eye, that's no way to dress, 3 Dec, The Sydney Morning Herald 

  9. Americans value equality at work more than equality at home, 3 Dec, The New York Times 
  10. Sarah Hanson-Young says parliament needs women's caucus that cuts across party lines, 2 Dec, The Guardian 

  11. Gender quotas squarely on Liberal agenda as bloodletting continues, 2 Dec, The Sydney Morning Herald 

  12. 'How about he rings?': PM's woman problem hits peak farce, 1 Dec, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  13. Podcast Bonus: Why can't we stop sexual harassment in the workplace? – Witch Hunt podcast, 30 Nov, The Guardian