November 2018

2018 November: Week 5

  1. Four in ten Australians think women lie about being victims of sexual assault, 30 Nov, The Conversation 
  2. Guess how many young women aspire to a career in politics, 29 Nov, The Brisbane Times 
  3. Women will be left behind by mobile education—just like everything else, 29 Nov, Quartz
  4. 'Girls Takeover Parliament' - program to encourage more woman into parliament, 28 Nov, Adelaide Now 
  5. In the age of Trump, optimistic Gillard foresees 'great feminist wave of change', 28 Nov, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  6. 'We have to stop beating up our women': Liberals seethe over sexism after Julia Banks quits party, 27 Nov, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  7. Daniel Andrews announces Victoria's new Cabinet will be 50 per cent female, 27 Nov, ABC News 
  8. More than half of women killed in 2017 died at hands of partner or relative, 27 Nov, SBS News 
  9. Why Republican women get no love, 26 Nov, Forbes 
  10. Are men's movements a new form of terrorism?, 25 Nov, ABC News 
  11. The woman putting Australia into space, 23 Nov, The New York Times 
  12. Jane Caro: To the men in my life, n.d., 
  13. Podcast Bonus: Sexism and the City, Plan International (with Jan Fran)

2018 November: Week 4

  1. 'Do you want to risk violence now, or poverty in 20 years?', 22 Nov, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  2. Imagine a world where services supporting women experiencing family violence were no longer required, 22 Nov, Women's Agenda 
  3. Why Australia's local councils need to solve their gender problem, 21 Nov, The Guardian 
  4. The gender qualification gap: women ‘over-invest’ in workplace capabilities, 20 Nov, The Conversation
  5. Balanced boards: Tasmania catching up to gender parity, 20 Nov, The Mandarin 
  6. Making Gains for Women in STEM Fields Will Take More Effort, 20 Nov, The New York Times 
  7. Women targeted with $109 million to promote “economic security”, 20 Nov, The Conversation 
  8. How many husbands control the votes of their wives? We'll never know, 19 Nov, The Guardian
  9. Most Australians would not act if they saw sexism, 18 Nov, The Canberra Times 
  10. Sexual harassment 'ignored' in rural workplaces, despite global #MeToo movement, 18 Nov, ABC News 
  11. The women keeping peace... in the deadliest place, 18 Nov, BBC News 
  12. Preventing violence against Indigenous women needs to be on the national agenda, 16 Nov, ABC News 
  13. Paywall Bonus: Time to let harassment victims speak, 19 Nov, The Australian Financial Review 

2018 November: Week 3

  1. Marriage has changed dramatically throughout history, but gender inequalities remain, 15 Nov, The Conversation
  2. The everyday discrimination girls face gets worse in a crisis. We need to listen to them, 15 Nov, ABC News
  3. More than 60% of Australian women have experienced sexual harassment at work – survey, 14 Nov, The Guardian 

  4. The gender pay gap is narrowing, but women are still earning $25k less per year, 13 Nov, ABC News 
  5. Funding to address gender pay gap, 12 Nov, SBS News 
  6. Take the gag off those with sexual harassment stories, 12 Nov, The Sydney Morning Herald 

  7. Donna Zuckerberg: ‘Social media has elevated misogyny to new levels of violence’, 11 Nov, The Guardian 
  8. Donald Trump is cornered and he knows it, 10 Nov, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  9. Our justice system needs an overhaul, for the sake of women everywhere, 9 Nov, The Sydney Morning Herald 

  10. Luke Foley vs Ashleigh Raper shows that even if you're a good girl, you're still going to cop it, 9 Nov, ABC News 

  11. New Sport Australia boss out to tackle gender inequality in sport governance and coaching, 9 Nov, ABC News

  12. The 'Year of the Woman' goes global, 9 Nov, CNN

  13. Podcast Bonus: Libby Lyons, 12 Nov, Women with Clout (Jane Caro and Catherine Fox)

2018 November: Week 2

  1. 'A woman's place is in elected office', Theresa May tells politicians, 8 Nov, The Guardian 
  2. Workplace Sexual Harassment in the Northern Territory, 8 Nov, Linked In
  3. Once again, the woman cleans up the mess, 8 Nov, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  4. Marginalising female combatants after conflict, 8 Nov, The Lowy Institute: The Interpreter
  5. Prejudice against female leaders more common than we think, says new research, 7 Nov, Women's Agenda 
  6. Night of Firsts: Rashida Tlaib, Sharice Davids and more make history in midterm elections, 7 Nov, The New York Times 
  7. What the racial equality movement can learn from the global fight for women’s rights, 6 Nov, The Conversation 
  8. We let ‘male genius’ excuse bad behaviour – but what about the loss of female genius?, 6 Nov, The Guardian
  9. Women lead parade of victories to help democrats win house, 6 Nov, The New York Times 
  10. Why we must take care when welcoming ‘comeback kings’, 5 Nov,
  11. Sexism is rife in Australia, largest survey of its kind finds, 3 Nov, SBS News 

  12. Google walkout: global protests after sexual misconduct allegations, 2 Nov, The Guardian

2018 November: Week 1

  1. What women feel when they read about EJ Norvill and Geoffrey Rush, 2 Nov, The Sydney Morning Herald
  2. Julie Bishop delivers her most powerful speech yet, revealing the ‘pain’ felt in recent months, 1 Nov,,au 
  3. These 10 countries have cabinets that are at least 50% female, 31 Oct, Women's Agenda 
  4. The candidates in the midterm elections are among the most diverse set to run in the history of the United States, 31 Oct, The New York Times 
  5. Meet the 23 year old Cambodian woman teaching her country about consent, 31 Oct, Time Magazine
  6. #UsTOO Regional women call out sexual harassment, 31 Oct, ABC Australia Wide (podcast)
  7. Why Australia should be wary of the Proud Boys and their violent, alt-right views, 30 Oct, The Conversation 

  8. Canadian gender activist Michael Kaufman thinks feminism is the greatest gift to men, 30 Oct, Quartz at Work
  9. Crowd-mapping gender equality – a powerful tool for shaping a better city launches in Melbourne, 29 Oct, The Conversation 
  10. 'Our moment in history': Haussegger named ACT Australian of the Year 2019, 29 Oct, The Canberra Times 

  11. ''Male Champions of Change pledge to improve gender equality in Pakistan, 29 Oct, ProPakistani 
  12. The most persistent of all governance challenges, 29 Oct, Forbes

  13. Women in politics still struggling for influence, more than 25 years after Carmen Lawrence broke new ground, 28 Oct, ABC News 

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