October 2018

2018 October: Week 4

  1. More than a century on, the battle fought by Australia’s suffragists is yet to be won, 26 Oct, The Conversation 
  2. Final barrier for women in Defence?, 25 Oct, The Mandarin
  3. 43% Of #MeToo Replacements Are Women. Is That Enough?, 25 Oct, Forbes
  4. Leyonhjelm asks if we need an ‘Office for Men’. Larissa Waters responds: ‘It’s called Parliament’, 24 Oct, Women's Agenda 
  5. All-female ACT nominees for Australian and Young Australian of the Year, 24 Oct, The Canberra Times 
  6. Sheryl Sandberg: Progress for Women Isn’t Just Slow—It’s Stalled, 23 Oct, The Wall Street Journal
  7. Commonwealth public sector boards make headway towards gender parity, 23 Oct, The Mandarin 
  8. Psycho path: Why women are punished for traits men use to succeed, 22 Oct, PSNews
  9. Politics in Australia is changing & these women prove it, 22 Oct, Women's Agenda 
  10. Down with the Year of the Woman, 20 Oct, The New York Times  

2018 October: Week 3

  1. The Australian Financial Review Women of Influence 2018 category winners revealed, 17 Oct, Australian Financial Review 
  2. Women in construction: government can do more to shake up the 'boys club', 17 Oct, ABC News 
  3. Australian study reveals the dangers of ‘toxic masculinity’ to men and those around them, 16 Oct, The Conversation 
  4. Tax rates and child care leave mums returning to work for next to no extra earnings: KPMG, 16 Oct, ABC News 
  5. ‘Horseface,’ ‘Lowlife,’ ‘Fat, Ugly’: How the President Demeans Women, 16 Oct, The New York Times 
  6. #MeToo: Alarming levels of sexual abuse and violence found in Europe’s Parliaments, 16 Oct, Inter-Parliamentary Union 
  7. Astronomer Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith named Australia’s first Women in STEM ambassador, 15 Oct, Women's Agenda 
  8. For the sake of our retirement savings, it’s time to reform the investment management boys’ club, 15 Oct, The Conversation 
  9. Why it's totally unsurprising that Amazon's recruitment AI was biased against women, 14 Oct, Business Insider 
  10. Honey, I hid the kids: Australia’s screen industry is letting down carers, 12 Oct, The Conversation 

2018 October: Week 2

  1. Australian music's boss women and the deals they make to get international acts here, 11 Oct, ABC News 
  2. Why women are not in line for the top jobs in corporate Australia, 11 Oct, ABC News 
  3. Women in Parliament: A global perspective on Australia’s lazy lateness, 10 Oct, The Museum of Australian Democracy
  4. Here’s proof we absolutely do want to watch women’s sport, 10 Oct, Womens Agenda 
  5. Is your workplace following the new rules of #MeToo? Here's the lowdown., 10 Oct, Australian Financial Review
  6. Left behind: are gender equality measures excluding men?, 9 Oct, Power to Persuade 
  7. Put a sock in it, men: it's time to end global injustice towards women, 9 Oct, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  8. Women front and centre: Bill Shorten’s pledge for the future, 7 Oct, The Australian 
  9. Why more women don’t win Nobel prizes in science, 6 Oct, The Conversation
  10. Gender inequality: why is it so hard to change?, 6 Oct, The Sydney Morning Herald 

2018 October: Week 1

  1. #MeToo momentum on sexual harassment a powerful catalyst for change, 4 Oct, The Sydney Morning Herald
  2. Julia Gillard says Liberal Party should rethink quotas to attract more women to Federal Parliament, 4 Oct, ABC News
  3. Unsurprising but totally shocking: Donald Trump mocks Dr Christine Blasey Ford, 4 Oct, Women's Agenda
  4. More men than women still being promoted to highest levels of Queensland's public service, 3 Oct, ABC News 
  5. States and territories agree to axe 'tampon tax', 3 Oct, The Canberra Times 
  6. I got the 'daddy bonus' but I still don't think it's fair, 3 Oct, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  7. And then there were three: finally, another woman awarded a Nobel Prize in Physics, 3 Oct, The Conversation 
  8. Gender pay gap closes but healthcare sector gap widens, 3 Oct, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  9. #Gofor5050 strives for gender balance in workplaces, 2 Oct, The 100 Percent Project
  10. Spirals and circles, snakes and ladders. Why women’s super is complex, 2 Oct, The Conversation 
  11. They still call it out: female secretaries describe sexism at work, 2 Oct, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  12. The Effect of Intersectionality in the Workplace, 30 Sep, The New York Times 
  13. Fury Is a Political Weapon. And Women Need to Wield It., 29 Sep, The New York Times 
  14. Missing: Female C.E.O.s, 28 Sep, The New York Times