September 2018

2018 September: Week 4

  1. We need to talk about why men and women see equality differently, 28 Sep, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  2. No woman wants to be called ‘babe’ or ‘the missus’ by their boss, 27 Sep, Women's Agenda 
  3. Keeping the facts hidden will do nothing to improve the gender pay gap, 27 Sep, The Guardian
  4. Male graduates earn more in first year than females except in one area, 26 Sep, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  5. Corporate gender equality 'won't happen without the quota', 26 Sep, ABC News
  6. Slow growth at the top, but big challenges remain for gender equality, 25 Sep, Australian Bureau of Statistics
  7. Jacinda Ardern makes history with baby Neve at UN general assembly, 25 Sep, The Guardian 
  8. Women leave STEM over pay gap, study finds, 24 Sep, SBS News
  9. Morrison says Labor risks ‘conflict’ with plan to force companies to reveal pay gap, 23 Sep, The Guardian
  10. Young women more likely to be exploited at work than men: report, 22 Sep, The Canberra Times 
  11. Quotas are not pretty but they work – Liberal women should insist on them, 21 Sep, The Conversation 
  12. Australian mining's macho image worsens pain of labour shortage, 21 Sep, Reuters 

2018 September: Week 3

  1. Julia Gillard on resilience after misogyny, 20 Sep, Financial Times
  2. Citizens’ jury endorses public sector gender quotas, 20 Sep, The Mandarin
  3. Gender equality index highlights big data gaps ahead of 2030 deadline, 20 Sep, Reuters 
  4. Labor pledges $400m superannuation boost for women, 19 Sep, The Guardian
  5. Progress on gender equality has 'stalled', new advocacy group argues, 19 Sep, ABC News 
  6. The Liberals' woman problem: men in grey suits misjudge level of anger, 18 Sep, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  7. Confidence trick: Why women leaders are often hidden in plain sight, 17 Sep, PS News 
  8. Women are closing the gender pay gap due to a rise in mothers staying in the workforce after having children, 17 Sep, SBS News 
  9. Give Women a Chance, and They Will Change the World, 16 Sep, The New York Times 
  10. Good news and bad news for the women of Australia, 16 Sep, Grattan
  11. Virginia Trioli on being a difficult woman in a difficult world, 15 Sep, ABC News
  12. Year 11 and 12 students in NSW will no longer learn about women’s contributions to physics, 14 Sep, The Conversation 

2018 September: Week 2

  1. Liberal MP Julia Banks calls for gender quotas in Parliament, takes aim at 'undermining' behaviour, 13 Sep, ABC News
  2. Everyone’s Business: 2018 Sexual Harassment Survey, 12 Sep, Australian Human Rights Commission 
  3. She’ll be right: why conservative voters fail to see gender as an obstacle to political success, 12 Sep, The Conversation
  4. Serena Williams' US Open punishment was a clear-cut case of double standards, 11 Sep, ABC News
  5. Women in Australia’s Parliament Denounce Sexism in Push for Change, 10 Sep, The New York Times
  6. Unions push to close gender pay disparity, 10 Sep, SBS News 
  7. Can Anyone Stop Australia’s Slut Shaming?, 10 Sep, The New York Times
  8. Coalition MPs admit gender equality issue but reject setting quotas, 8 Sep, The Guardian
  9. Labor says women must head economic agencies if tax inequality is to change, 7 Sep, The Guardian 
  10. 'Blind shortlisting' highlights extent of unconscious bias against women in business: Carnival Australia chairman, 6 Sep, ABC News
  11. Finance industry lagging in C-suite promotions for women: McKinsey, 6 Sep, Australian Financial Review

2018 September: Week 1

  1. Liberal Party should 'consider' women quota, frontbencher Sussan Ley says, 6 Sep, ABC News 
  2. Julie Bishop: ‘Appalling behaviour’ and lack of female parliamentarians ‘unacceptable’, 6 Sep, Women's Agenda 
  3. Millennial men say women are favoured at work, 5 Sep, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  4. Equal Waves, Equal Pay: World Surf League Closes Its Gender Pay Gap, 5 Sep, Forbes 
  5. No glass ceiling to see here: how the Liberal party blew up the merit myth, 5 Sep, The Guardian 
  6. Sheryl Sandberg's book Lean In harks back to 1960s ideas, say researchers, 5 Sep, Forbes 
  7. Women cannot sit back and wait for a more equal world: Gillard, 4 Sep, SBS
  8. More women leading Australian companies, census reveals, 3 Sep, Australian Financial Review 
  9. Only 7 per cent of Qld's nurses are men. Here's why that's a problem, 1 Sep, The Brisbane Times 
  10. Equal Pay Day: Friday 31 August 2018, 31 Aug, Workplace Gender Equality Agency 
  11. When our best sportswomen play for free, we need to close the pay gap, 31 Aug, Our Watch 
  12. Concerns inflexible working hours for men could be damaging women's careers, 31 Aug, ABC News 
  13. We can do more: top public sector women talk pathways to successful leadership, 30 Aug, ANZOG