Gender News

Here's a snapshot of some of what we've been reading this week ...

2019 December: Week 1

  1. Climate crisis could reverse progress in achieving gender equality, 4 Dec, The Conversation
  2. Women are making themselves at home in the workforce, 4 Dec, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  3. Australian students’ academic results plummet while gender gap in mathematics increases, 4 Dec, Womens Agenda 
  4. Daphne van Houten, 21, makes history as first female golfer at Australian Open, 4 Dec, ABC News 
  5. Building a future of work free from sexual harassment, 4 Dec, Womens Agenda 
  6. Q&A: Pacific women are victims of 'engrained' culture of domestic violence, says activist, 3 Dec, ABC News 
  7. How to make Sydney more female-friendly: women's safety plans unveiled, 3 Dec, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  8. Australian Strategic Policy Institute: Libby Lyons, 3 Dec, Australian Strategic Policy Institute 
  9. ABS said census questions on gender and sexual orientation risked public backlash, 3 Dec, The Guardian 
  10. Women have been a lot less visible in this UK general election campaign – why?, 30 Nov, The Conversation 
  11. Why aren’t there more women directors?, 29 Nov, BBC Culture
  12. From slurs to sexual violence, women human rights defenders come under global attack, 29 Nov, Amnesty International 

Audio Bonus: Higher suicide rates among women veterans than civilian women, 29 Nov, ABC Radio: The World Today

Photo Essay Bonuses:

Photo Essay: Climate change is a womens issue, 3 Dec, UN Women 

Women's rugby in Morocco – a photo essay, 29 Nov, The Guardian