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Ignored & given scraps: Office for Women demeaned by Gov

Ignored & given scraps: Office for Women demeaned by Gov

There has been a deathly silence from the Office for Women, PM&C of late. In fact, not 'of late', but of long! This Office, originally established under Gough Whitlam to ensure the operations of government took women's diverse needs, challenges and economic...

Gender Quotas or Targets: who wins?

Gender Quotas or Targets: who wins?

Victoria has led the way on Gender Equality legislation and investment for some time, taking a leap the Commonwealth won't, by introducing a Gender Equality Act. It's the first state-based gender equality legislation in Australia, and comes into force on 31 March,...

Why Eddie and ‘the boys’ need to quit the hubris and Do Better

Why Eddie and ‘the boys’ need to quit the hubris and Do Better

The ignominious downfall of Eddie McGuire after 23 years as president of Collingwood Football Club dominated media headlines for several weeks. But while most media focused on McGuire’s own personal foibles, and provided some insight to the Melbourne ‘boys club’ and...


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