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Come to our IWD Discussion! Women in sport

Mar 3, 2022 | Leadership, Equality, Sport governance, Opinion, Event, Feature

Written by Catherine Ordway

International Women’s Day 2022 – Morning Tea & Panel Discussion ‘Issues affecting women in sport – Equal Pay, Homophobia, cyber/media bias and hope for the future’

Join us! Find all the details here. 

In the same breath that we celebrate all that has been achieved in women’s sport since the dark days of women being banned from playing, and even watching, sport – we are reminded about how much there is still left to do to achieve true equality for female athletes, coaches, administrators, match day officials and support staff across the board.

This divide was clearly represented by the Sport Australia media awards overnight.  Sport Australia values safe and inclusive sport and yet “couldn’t separate” the entries for “Best Reporting of an Issue in Sport”:

The first winner, by SBS reporters covering the issue of female athletes fleeing Afghanistan for the safety of Australia, being targeted and killed by the Taliban.  This piece sought to highlight the issue, while trying to avoid contributing to making the lives of those left behind more dangerous…


That award sat beside a piece which led to the reigniting of historic wounds, and for far too many people, abhorrent trolling and homophobic slurs across a range of sporting codes.


This took place in the same week that the US women’s football (soccer) team reached landmark $24m settlement in their 6 year equal pay battle, and the international sporting community stood alongside Ukrainian athletes and the Ukrainian people more broadly in condemning the invasion by Russia.

There is so much to talk about this IWD!

Come along on Tuesday 8 March at 10.30am in the Refectory to hear the panel discussion on ‘Issues effecting women in sport – Equal Pay, Homophobia, cyber/media bias and hope for the future’, followed by complimentary morning tea on the Concourse.

Proudly sponsored by UniSuper.

Panel members:

  • Amy Kilpatrick, Incoming Director, 50|50 by 2030 Foundation
  • Ginger Gorman, Editor of BroadAgenda |50/50 by 2030 Foundation
  • Dr Catherine Ordway, Sports Integrity Research Lead, University of Canberra
  • Kelsey Griffin, UC Capitals

This event will be hosted by Dr Pia Rowe. 


  • Feature image: From Left to Right – UC Canberra Capitals player Abby Cubillo, Paul Gorris, Jade Melbourne, Alicia Froling, Carly Wilson, Gemma Potter and Kennedy Kareama. Picture: Davey Barber.
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Catherine is Associate Professor (Sports Management) at the University of Canberra, and Sport Integrity Research Lead. Catherine lectures in Sports Integrity, Ethics & Law and Leadership in Sport.

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