Gender News

Here's a snapshot of some of what we've been reading this week ...

2019 November: Week 3 

  1. Australian women win landmark vaginal mesh class action against Johnson & Johnson, 21 Nov, The Guardian 
  2. What do we hear when women speak?, 20 Nov, The New York Times 
  3. Old white men dominate school English booklists. It’s time more Australian schools taught Australian books, 19 Nov, The Conversation 
  4. 'Diversity and inclusion fatigue' slackens response to gender pay gap, 19 Nov, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  5. Almost half of men in the U.S. are uncomfortable with a female president, 19 Nov, Forbes 
  6. Punched, stalked and harassed women abandon UK politics over safety fears, 18 Nov, ABC News 
  7. A record number of women are standing in the December 2019 UK election, 18 Nov, Bustle 
  8. The question female doctors never want to hear again, 18 Nov, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  9. Domestic violence will spike in the bushfire aftermath, and governments can no longer ignore it, 17 Nov, The Conversation 
  10. Hollywood's gender divide laid bare by analysis of this season's Oscar contenders, 16 Nov, The Guardian
  11. Women leaders driven offline and out of work by social media abuse, 15 Nov, Reuters 
  12. Burden on Aboriginal women is made heavier by funding cut, 15 Nov, The Brisbane Times 

Audio Bonus: Is International Men's Day useful?, 19 Nov, ABC Radio Melbourne: Breakfast

2019 November: Week 2

  1. The female problem: how male bias in medical trials ruined women's health, 14 Nov, The Guardian 
  2. Women more likely than men to need intelligence and good looks to get ahead in Australia, study finds, 13 Nov, ABC News
  3. Saudi anti-extremist force names feminists as a target. Briefly., 13 Nov, The New York Times 
  4. Why women managers need their colleagues to back them in, 13 Nov, Women's Agenda
  5. Op-ed: This government isn’t going to address women’s equality at work — it’s up to us, 12 Nov, The Mandarin
  6. The Australian media's portrayal of trans people is a betrayal of their human rights, 11 Nov, The Guardian
  7. A surprising finding on paid leave: ‘This is not the way we teach this’, 11 Nov, The New York Times 
  8. Trudeau’s new cabinet: Gender parity because it’s 2019? Or due to competence?, 11 Nov, The Conversation 
  9. Broadside 2019: how a feminist festival took on feminism – and forced us to think harder, 11 Nov, The Guardian 
  10. 'We keep men’s secrets': sleazy politicians and crude bosses still plague us, 9 Nov, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  11. Women running for office have to worry about one more thing: their phones, 9 Nov, The New York Times 
  12. ABC announces probe into feminist Q&A episode after audience complaints, 8 Nov, SBS News 

Paywall Bonus: From government policy to algorithms to medical research focus — where are the women? A review of Caroline Criado Perez’s ‘Invisible Women’, 31 Oct, The Mandarin 

Video Bonus: Tracey Spicer and Tarana Burke, 13 Nov, National Press Club (ABC iView)

Video Bonus: Lebanon protests: Confronting the ‘sexualisation’ of women demonstrators, 9 Nov, BBC News 

2019 November: Week 1

  1. Analysis shows horrifying extent of abuse sent to women MPs via Twitter, 7 Nov, The Conversation 
  2. Why better managing your time is not the key to 'women having it all', 7 Nov, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  3. Forceful and dominant: men with sexist ideas of masculinity are more likely to abuse women, 7 Nov, The Conversation 
  4. Girls as young as 12 were strip-searched in Australia, 6 Nov, The New York Times
  5. 'Brussels was all men': the painful progress towards EU gender equality, 6 Nov, The Guardian 

  6. Courageous, inspired a generation, 6 Nov, The Age 

  7. 'Wrong on every level': why female doctors are not the problem, 6 Nov, The Sydney Morning Herald 

  8. Matildas’ equal pay deal is part of a global shift recognising value of women in sport, 5 Nov, The Guardian 

  9. UN Official says fight for women's equality is far from over, 5 Nov, The New York Times 

  10. All I want to see is more bad art by women. Give someone else a chance to fail, 1 Nov, The Guardian 

  11. For AFLW players seeking a fair return, right now it's just not cricket, 1, Nov, The Age 

  12. Roxane Gay and Mary Robinson explain why feminism is key to achieving climate justice, 1 Nov, Teen Vogue 

Video Bonus: What would a city designed by women be like?, 6 Nov, BBC News 

Audio Bonus:  The Conversation Hour: Nyadol Nyuon and Virginia Trioli talk to author, columnist and activist Mona Eltahawy about the “necessary sins for women and girls”, power, and warring against the patriarchy and lust. 5 Nov, ABC Radio.