Gender News

Here's a snapshot of some of what we've been reading this week ...

2017 December: Week 2

  1. Rugby Australia choose best person for job but Castle's appointment still symbolic, 14 Dec, The Guardian Australia
  2. ‘It isn’t shocking, it’s commonplace’: Kate Jenkins on sexual harassment, 13 Dec, Women’s Agenda 
  3. Why Merriam-Webster Picked 'Feminism' as Its 2017 Word of the Year, 13 Dec, 
  4. There’s a Gender Gap in Internet Usage. Closing It Would Open Up Opportunities for Everyone, 12 Dec, Harvard Business Review
  5. In defence of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, 11 Dec, Women’s Agenda
  6. ‘It’s not just about the Weinsteins’: how do we fix the gender problem in Australian film?, 10 Dec, The Guardian Australia
  7. The Surprising Reason Girls Are Not Getting Into Tech, 8 Dec,

 2017 December: Week 1

  1. Making room for women in policy: It’s a man’s world doesn’t cut it, we need to sing a more inclusive song, 6 Dec, APPS Policy Forum
  2. CEOs now earn 78 times more than Aussie workers, 6 Dec, ABC News 
  3. Bill Shorten’s 10 days of paid domestic violence leave promise welcome, 5 Dec, Women's Agenda 
  4. Research shows gender pay gap among minimum award wage workers, 4 Dec, The Melbourne Newsroom (The University of Melbourne)
  5. 'It’s the Power, Stupid.' Sheryl Sandberg Says Today's Sexual Harassment 'Moment' Is Not Enough, 4 Dec,
  6. 'Fair Work' plays key role in gender pay gap, 3 Dec, The Sydney Morning Heral
  7. Obama calls for more women in power as 'men seem to be having problems', 3 Dec, 
  8. The Cost of Devaluing Women, 2 Dec,