Gender News

Here's a snapshot of some of what we've been reading this week ...

2019 June: Week 2

  1. 'There are almost no women in power': Tokyo's female workers demand change, 13 Jun, The Guardian 
  2. Will the Coalition’s approach to gender equality actually improve women’s lives?, 13 Jun, The Conversation 
  3. Australian women recognised as AI leaders, 12 Jun, The Mandarin 
  4. Why people are furious John Setka reportedly invoked Rosie Batty's name, 12 Jun, The Sydney Morning Herald 
  5. There’s a lot to feel proud of when it comes to women’s sport right now, 11 Jun, Women's Agenda 
  6. Sex, the World Cup and breaking up the boys’ club, 11 Jun, The New York Times 
  7. Discouraged ambition: How inequality is putting girls off leadership, 10 Jun, PS News 
  8. Animated movies give women more leadership roles, study finds, 10 Jun, The New York Times 
  9. Women lead the way, making history in Queen’s honours list, 10 Jun, SBS News 
  10. Is online advertising exacerbating the gender gap?, 10 Jun, London Business School 
  11. Promoting gender equality a ‘crucial contribution’ in effort to restore, protect our planet’s oceans, 8 Jun, UN News 
  12. What men need to give to make gender equality a reality: 50 minutes a day, 7 Jun, Quartz

Audio Bonus: Sandi Toksvig on women in comedy, 12 Jun, A Podcast of One's Own with Julia Gillard 

2019 June: Week 1

  1. New statistics show fewer women nominated for Australian honours, 7 Jun, The Canberra Times
  2. New research series reveals how the gender health gap affects us all, 6 Jun, The Sydney Morning Herald 

  3. Gender not children 'holds women academics back', 6 Jun, BBC News

  4. The month in women, peace and security: May 2019, 5 Jun, Australian Strategic Policy Institute: The Strategist
  5. Google Australia boss blasts tech industry for 'glacial' progress on hiring women, 4 Jun, The Sydney Morning Herald 

  6. Canada must not ignore Indigenous 'genocide', landmark report warns, 4 Jun, The Guardian
  7. Australia urged to act on girls' education in Solomons as 93 per cent dropout rate revealed, 4 Jun, SBS News

  8. US abortion policy is 'extremist hate' and 'torture', says UN commissioner, 4 Jun, The Guardian
  9. Not one single country set to achieve gender equality by 2030, 3 Jun, The Guardian
  10. NSW police vow to end 'boys club' culture after report reveals extent of discrimination, 2 Jun, The Guardian
  11. High expectations for Marise Payne's new role as Minister for Women, 1 Jun, ABC News 

  12. Record number of women become MEPs – but men still dominate, 1 Jun, The Guardian